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  1. I actually really like this new rebreather look. Was planning on getting started with a ROTJ kit anyhow, and looks like a fun project to try.
  2. Good afternoon Ladies and Gents. I've been lurking around on these forums for a couple of years on the fence about wanting to get an armor kit and work toward trooping around with this great community. Family life is finally settling down here in Dallas, Tx, where we won't be moving around as much and I have the desire and ability to start. I know there are a few different kits out there and want to make sure I'm getting something that is going to meet 501st approval. I'm on the average/taller athletic side sitting at 5'11 and 170 lbs. Is there a particular kit that would better fit my size/build? Are there any community members that actively produce these kits that could pm me with details? A little personal background, I'm currently a stay at home Dad of three great little boys ages 1, 3 and 5 that like me are all Star Wars junkies. I spent 8 years in the USMC so I personally feel and affinity for Stormtroopers . My wife is finishing residency at a local hospital and told me I need more hobbies so this was for me a no-brainer. I like the fact that this community is involved in so many charity/support events ranging from Toys for Tots (which is personally near and dear to me) to various illness walks and children's hospital appearances. Anytime I can mix something I love with something that is such a positive force in the community I'm all for it! I look forward to joining up with you guys in the near future! Cheers! Josh
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