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  1. Requesting access...TK-11077 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18329
  2. It is the helmet padding kit that comes with the RT-Mod bucket. It is just foam padding that is velcro'd in.
  3. LOL. I asked if he had a "Lite" kit available. He said "Actually, yeah I do."
  4. Bucket: RT-Mod (built by Rob to Centurion specs) My wife even made this for me...
  5. Hello there and welcome to my ANH Stunt build thread. I am currently a member of the Georgia Garrison where I have an approved Scout Trooper costume. I love the OT costumes and can't wait to finish my Stormtrooper build. Here is a breakdown of my kit... Bucket: RT-Mod (Built by Rob to Centurion specs) Armor: AM2.0 (January 2016 run) Canvas Belt: Trooperbay Holster: 8 oz Darman Gloves: Trooperbay Neck Seal: Darman Boots: TKBoots Blaster: Hyperfirm E-11 Elite
  6. Hello. When I go to the Personal Items for sale thread, I'm unable to start a new topic. Can you let me know what I can do?
  7. Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Shane Duncan, currently TB-11077 in the GA Garrison. I'm looking to add a TK designation real soon.
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