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  1. Ok, so I made up a rough picture tonight on MS Paint of my idea for the replacement Stock Swivel piece. It will be made from 5/8 Aluminum Rod. Drilled out to accept the original pins and rivets. I will make some steel bushings to replace the steel that originally protrudes from the side of the swivel piece. The bushings will be floating and held in place by the rivets when pinned. That will give it more durability than having the stock pivot on aluminum. http://i1166.photobucket.com/albums/q618/Torindelvo/Aluminum%20Stock%20replacement_zpsv5xziuwn.png Ordering some aluminum rod off the interwebs. Will be waiting for the materials to arrive...
  2. Thanks for the information Scott and Ian! I like your e-11 build thread Ian and will probably reference it during my build a lot . The front sight on my kit looks about like yours did.... OK...well I have given it some thought...and I think I have narrowed it down to two options. 1. I have come up with and idea of welding a small threaded rod to the inside of the stocks swivel piece. I will then drill a new hole in the receiver where I can then epoxy/jb weld/ other form of adhesive and screw it down on the inside with a nut or washer (Easier and lazy way...). 2. My other option is to like I think Scott was saying to fabricate a new swivel out of aluminum and melting brazing that to the aluminum receiver. 3. ....mill out a steel receiver... (I want to do a full steel sterling in the near future, but not today) I think I am going to give option #2 a shot first. I am going to have to go shopping for a piece of aluminum rod for the donor. Drill it out then cut to fit. I am holding off on building much else until I figure out how I want to attach the stock....because if I weld I don't want to melt the resin as aluminum transfers heat fast! Thanks again troopers!
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  4. Alright.... This is going to be my first of hopefully many builds and build threads! I am new and have been skulking around for the last month or so here on FISD. I just purchased this second hand 2014 DVH E-11 blaster(Older Phoenix kit?) and a new set of AM 2.0 armor. I am still gathering my supplies for the armor sooooo.....I thought I would go ahead and start on this build. Tonight I started by taking all the resin pieces and trimming all the excess resin around and washing them in the kitchen sink so to have a nice clean surface to paint/glue to. I also took the original sterling stock to work that the kit came with and torched off the left over receiver piece. I am wondering if anyone has tried aluminum brazing the original stock to the aluminum tube before? I am thinking of purchasing some aluminum brazing material and giving this a go unless this has already been tried and failed...
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