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  1. Thank you for the info Cjdesign. The wieght I have in the back is actually too much, it pulls the helmet up so I constently need to push it down :/ What I need to find out is how to connect the usb cable to the RomFx. How did you do ? Cheers
  2. Hello guys, My helmet is equipped with a RomFX and two little fans. While I am super satisfied with them, the batteries I have to carry are a pain. The fans take a 9V battery and the RomFX takes 8 AA battery. The 9V one is ok, I guess I can cope with it. But I installed the 8 AA at the back, in the groove above the neck. I found out it gives me severe neck muscle pain (more like the muscle going up the back of the skull) because the helmet's balance is off. Too much weight on the back. Therefore I was thinking of placing a powerbank above my head, seems there is some room to do so. However I have no idea how to modify the wiring and make them into a USB and if the tension in the same as a powerbank. Could I just solder red wire to red and black wire to black ? Your help will be much appreciated ! Tibo
  3. Hi Guys, coming back to you after installing everything and getting the Rom FX. The volume on the Hovi mic isn't as loud as I expected but that is not my main issue. The problem is the feedback. I am using the mic from Rom FX kit and the Hovic Mic (which are of a stellar quality build IMO and well worth the price). Unfortunately, I have a massive feedback which make them unusable. So I ended up using the chest mount speaker from Rom FX but I'll like to know find a way to use the Hovic, so much more convenient. Should I change the microphone ? I obviously cannot sparate the mic and the microphone more far from each other than they are now. So your tips will be really appreciated guys ! Many thanks in advance
  4. My fans are 1 inch by 1 inch. Because they are two different design, one blowing the air up and the other one blowing the air on the side. The one blowing up needs some clearance below to suck the air up. So I elevated this one slightly , one edge resting on the edge of the other other, kinda make a Z shape. I will then place it above the chin, one fan blowing to my neck and the other one straight up to my face. I am a little worried about the noise they make but I have to wait for my RomFX to find it out.
  5. Sounds interesting but I am not sure how to wire that ^^ Do you guys use some kind of regulator to adjust the speed, in case you just want a light breeze sometime ? I am mostly worried about the air blowinf in the mic and potentially the noise of the fans themselves.
  6. I see, thanks for the additional info CRXPanda. The fan I have are two different, one blowing to the top, the other one to the side. I see on you picture that you let your fans rest flat. When I do this, it does not ventilate efficiently. The fan is not able to suck air from the bottom. Therefore I need to make it stand up or at lest raise it 1cm from the helmet. Quite tricky, but you don't seem to have that issue. Any recomendation ?
  7. Ok, how about this batt : It's the one I have now : /
  8. Thanks Josh ! Below is my understanding of your explanaition : Please let me know if that is correct. Really big thanks for your help man !
  9. Ok great, it's an easy modification Many thanks ! I'll go with the 4 AA battiries set up then, good advice, thanks. I am in Thailand and it is a bit if a struggle to source parts as we don't have main stores. It's all about seeking everything from small local shops, very time consuming. Ordering online is also a pain (thank you customs !) What is I wire two fans (5V) each, will the voltage split between these two ? I am not sure how much amps the battery can provide nor what the fans can take. My armor is not done yet so lucky me, I have tried that set up on the table. I definitively won't install anything near my face before asking your approval ! Many thanks for the fast answer guys, I really appreciate.
  10. Hi guys, I would like to install fans in my bucket. I bought a 9V Panasonic battery, a switch and two small laptop fan (5V - 60W and 5V - 65W) My problem is that the battery gets very hot after 2min. When wired directly (battery to fan), all is good. Since this is as far as my electric skills go, I would love to have your advices. Could it be a faulty switch (yet it does work) ? Could it be the battery specs ? Many thanks for your help Tibo
  11. Many thanks Gazmosis. Indeed was going to look for some ABS. I believe I will be able to use the one from the belt (since I ordered the canvas one) but that wouldn't be enough. I still have an issue with the AB plate though, the one selling the AB kit in your link seems to stopped doing so long ago. The other solutions are only buttons, which I already have (just need a paint). Thanks again
  12. Thank you for your honest reply Gazmosis. I prefer to know it from the start ! I will nevertheless build it following the Centurion specs and I just get the basic EIB approval, it is ok. But I would like to make it the nicest I can. Also I bought the others part Centurion approveable in case one day I get a better armor. I got the armor locally (Thailand), this is the combination 90% of the Garrison here is using. Importing an expensive armor here will only make it not affordable for me once the customs apply the taxes. I knew I wasn't getting the best out there but I was really impatient to join the guys and did not plan for a budget, it was kind of an impulsive thing. For my first armor it will do just fine if I put passion in my build, I believe. I hope I can still get advices from you guys to make this FX the nicest I can. I am also looking for AB plates, the only thread I found is now closed. Thank you
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