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  1. Hi guys, yeah sorry, this thread is one more photobucket victim. I've updated a few of my threads but not all of them. Cheers
  2. Big thanks to Rainer (Talltrooper) - the modifications he posted solved the bug that the reloading sound didn't play each time!
  3. Hi Rainer, sure, would be cool if you could post the code here or a link to the code file. Cheers
  4. I've made a somewhat lighter version of Skyone's Arduino Kit: Unfortunately, the sound of the trigger switch is behaving funnily in the sense that it only plays the switch sounds irregularly but without any frequent pattern. This is a Link to the code: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=58488474502670898710 Any ideas are much appreciated Cheers
  5. Wow, good job! But why put it into a Hasbro and not some more authentic pipe build?
  6. Thanks, bro. Yeah, I'm not really satisfied with the sound quality yet. It will get a bit better with proper wiring but I'll definitively try some other speakers.
  7. I've finished the electronics for my MG-15/RT97 build now. I've changed a little bit from the original design in order to fit the weapon: - Random Sandtrooper voices at start up - Green light to indicate weapon is online - added MG-42 sound - changed Wookie sounds agains Boba Fett quotes - new LED setup accompanying the respective weapon Here's a video, hope you like it https://youtu.be/urK8bW0Iz-w
  8. Did you try the following >>> VCC ---> 5V GND (any of them I guess) --> GND RX ---> TX1 SPK+/SPK- ---> Speaker
  9. Nope, but did you try to hook it up the same way as you would the WT5001? They appear to be quite simular.
  10. Thanks, guys. I've only looked at the ammo counter from the side and did not realize you have to look at the face of it - now it's clear ;-) @ Steve: Yes, that was it! I've hooked both GND into the WT5001. Now, after putting the upper one in the general GND (from the Arduino) it's fine. Also I've changed the speaker to a slightly larger one with 7,5cm diameter and now it's incredibly loud
  11. When I use the amplifier module the speaker picks up a little bit of distortion as well as a pulsating kind of noise. However, when I pluck the speacker directly into the WT5001 it's absolutely silent except when a sound is played. I was wondering whether anybody experienced something similar or if I have a caught a bad amplifier module?
  12. Yeah, I saw something like this in the manual but it must be too subtle for my eyes to detect ;-) Adam's approach sounds like the way to go for me in future projects
  13. Right on the money, as always bro ;-) Yes, I switched the positive and negative side. I still don't see any clear markings to distinguish them on the bar counter but I just used the other pole ;-) So, finally it's working - Manuel, I hats off to you, you've been a tremendous help!! I haven't installed the LEDs yet for 2 reasons. First, I'm still waiting for the current regulators and secondly - as I'm aiming to put this into an MG15/RT97 - I'm still thinking of using a different setup where you have the lights going up the barrel. I'll definitively put up a vid of y final setup once it's finished. https://youtu.be/9QhspS8bBMQ P.S.: My little kids found the Jawa noises hillarious
  14. Ha, cool workaround! Thx Manuel! I've changed from C/NO to C/NC and now it works as it should Now only need the ammo counter to run
  15. Today I've soldered the ammo counter but it's not working. Did I make any mistakes with the soldering (the resistors are all connected to each other and GND on the other side)? Would it be possible that it doesn't work with the 5V Akku I'm using?
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