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  1. I'm selling a used pair of these: http://amzn.com/B00IK6Q30W Only wore once on Halloween for a couple hours indoors. They were two sizes too big (size 9...I'm small).
  2. I just purchased the standard padding from fenixprops. It's okay if you're just looking for something for aesthetics and to dampen sound for if you have a comm system (reduce feedback and prevent others from hearing your voice through the helmet). It provides some top padding but not much throughout the rest of the helmet. I ended up going the painting route plus some army issue padding because I wanted a tighter fit and didn't want to glue the padding to the helmet, though that would probably have been much easier in hindsight. If you want it, I'll sell it for $15 shipped (I think I paid $40 after shipping). Otherwise I might just use it in my other bucket.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I do need to thin out the forearms a bit. They are a little loose. I also shortened the gap between shoulder bells and bridges, and it looks way better.
  4. Hi Guys, So I recently purchased a partially assembled set of AP armor from Walt here on the forum. Over the past two weeks I've been finishing the assembly and am still far from done, but figured now would be a good time to ask for some input. I've admittedly rushed the costume for Halloween, but I've been careful not to do any irreversible damage. Seeing as I have one more day to make modifications, I'm curious to hear what issues stand out the most to you? My thoughts are to take about 1.5" off the shoulder bells, take another .5" off the bottom of the calves/shins and .5" off the top of the thighs. Aside from the giant eFX helmet, what looks off to you guys? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I ended up purchasing a trimmed AP kit from Walt here on the forum. Should arrive on the 14th!
  6. Hello! I've been reading through some threads recently and am about to pull the trigger on my first set of armor. It looks like you've got a great and helpful community here! Hopefully I'll be posting my build and trooping in no time!
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