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  1. gazmosis Thanks for the advice I'm aware of the droop and will be taken care of and the drop boxes placement was due to dressing in a parking lot and first troop jitters…lol cheers
  2. Here is a quick pic of my suit in my first troop with it. No issues and I trooped for 3 hours. I'll be doing my 501st pics soon.
  3. I leave mine grubby, it has that accurate feel to it for me.
  4. Thx Guys! Trying to make my AP as accurate as I can, hoping to one day get an RS.
  5. Hey guys, here is some pics of the build. don't mind the fibreglass.
  6. Hey Batninja, I use to be on the TDH for a bit till I finished my ESB Fett. (Sixxgunn13) glad to see you here.
  7. Again thanks guys I will try recommended techniques. thx
  8. I realize that it may be a bit too much but I went on the notion that every suit may be slightly different. Yes I know they are vac formed and should be identical, I call it artistic license.
  9. Well I took some pics on the parts that I'm working on right now. You can see the return edge and the notches cut out on kidney plate, Also the top of the thighs have the detail added to the top.
  10. Hey guys I have a question, what is the location for the snaps on the ab-plate where the belt snaps too. I saw an image "rough belt measurements" made from TK-1650 (Bill Hag). Total of 343mm from centre of snap location BUT one snap location is 28mm and the other says 59mm with a height of 15mm from bottom ridge for both. Why is there 2 different measurements? is the due to asymmetrical location of details of the armour. I haven't looked at my armor yet to confirm but I thought I'd ask to get a quick answer. thx Arnold
  11. Looks great so far, I give you kudos for doing an FX.. That was my first suit when I didn't realize all the nuances that are in a more accurate suit. I made mine fit well and I sold it later during Halloween time for $1400. Lol! Anyways keep it up.
  12. Hello members, Thank you for taking the time to come check out my build. I've been working on this suit for several years on and off. So you won't see a step by step build, we already have a lot of those and I would really be showing you nothing some of you may already know. I will have pics up shortly, I just have to sort through them. But I'll start off by listing some of the things I did to my AP suit. Which will be a beat up version and NOT squeaky clean. I painted my helmet green to replicate the crappy plastic that was painted white on the original stunts. All the details we
  13. Thank you again guys.. I'll be putting up a build post soon. Cheers and have a great weekend. eh!!
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