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  1. That is indeed the exact same as the "Wireless Trooping System". I have both the WTS as well as a couple of the ones you linked above. I have worn them in a TD bucket and inside my scout helmet. I haven't experienced any feedback issues. Both with and without the IComm. I guess it depends on speaker placement.
  2. The helmets are different. Take a look through one of the "ANH/Hero" builds elsewhere on this site.
  3. I have two of them, and they work just fine. I never noticed any feedback unless I bent forward with my chin to my chest (an awkward position for me, anyway). And I've had just about every combination of microphone and amp--that is no different between them. No background hum or hiss that I could hear, and nobody mentioned it to me. You want wireless? This is the best that I've seen, IMHO. Best part is you can have more than one going in a troop and no crossover, which I had with a Memorex.
  4. It all depends on who made your kit. I'm not familiar with yours, but a lot of makers have a base "TD" ab plate with a "TK" button plate to go over it. The 4-button strip to the side *should* be replaced with a strip with 3, larger buttons.
  5. Exact same thing happened with me, only it was Jim who contacted me and suggested the "downgrade". Excellent service!
  6. I had the memorex wireless set up with an Aker/IComm. Hated it. Worked great at home, but if you get two or more of you together it makes a horrible warbling sound that won't quit.
  7. Just did a google search on these... The dimensions on this one are 36.75 x 21.38 x 18.0 inches The dimensions on the Husky box are: 37 in. L x 23 in. W x 23 in. H (typically $60-70) The dimensions of the Stanley box are 37.3 x 22.8 x 23.1 inches (typically $80-90) I saw they were $46 on WalMart's site. I looked again and saw it was 2 for $46. I can't speak for their ruggedness, but that's a good price if they are sturdy enough. I will say that it probably won't fit in the backseat. I had a hard time trying to squeeze my Husky box in the back seat of my Toyota Yaris. It fit in the back okay, but getting it through the door was the hard part.
  8. Unless you have another need for the heat gun (really helpful when building armor), you can get by with a hairdryer or even a lighter/candle. Just don't get too close or hold it still for too long with the open flame. I used to use a cigarette lighter (when I was a smoker) while doing instrument and controls wiring. Works in a pinch when you don't have an outlet nearby for a heat gun.
  9. I put mine just under the jawbone, on the neck glands (?). Up higher than it seems you are (below the Adams apple).
  10. Hey DSG'er! I ordered one earlier this year and got it pretty fast. Not sure how many days, but I remember thinking I expected it to take much longer. Maybe 7-10 days after order? It works amazing! Much better than the wireless I had tried. Apparently, "Q" has a Memorex, because whenever he and I were in the same room, both our setups started making a loud, warbling sound. No feedback issues at all. The only possible issue is moisture. Under a neckseal, in AZ, it gets a little sweaty. I'm thinking of ordering a larger neck seal and putting something between the mic and my neck. Might make it worse, though.
  11. Adam, Do you mean a video like you put up? Or do you want to see how I mounted it? Not sure what you mean.
  12. Personally, I wouldn't get one. I have a Memorex wireless that was apparently pretty popular around the Legion. First troop I wore it, I found out the hard way that another guy in my Garrison had one. Whenever we stood within 50 feet of each other, both of our speakers started going nuts. It wasn't the classic feedback, but a warbling, ocean sound...if that makes sense. I pitched it and bought a throat mic. That works great! No wires, no radio waves beaming into my skull!
  13. Chris: even though you already have the GoPro mount, I just wanted to add that I simply mounted the IComm and Aker inside my chest piece with Velcro and there is no noticeable weight difference.
  14. I got the two transponder one, the XVTM26M35. That may make a difference in sound quality. Like I said, it works like a champ and I'm glad I read this thread!
  15. No issues at all. I just put it on and plugged it in. I couldn't get feedback unless I took it off and literally set it against my Aker. I haven't tried it fully kitted up, but had my Aker hanging around my neck in the proper location. I also have an ICOMM. It beats my Memorex hands down. Highly recommend!
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