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  1. Haha I'm to scared to do this to my bucket *hugs it* if there was a video I would probably go for it, but unless I know what I'm doing fully I don't think I'm going to try. But it does look better after its done
  2. I haven't quite decided yet, I was thinking of doing the white pauldron with clean armor just fork kicks Since its my first kit and probably won't be getting another one I wasn't to keen to the idea of making it messy D:
  3. Haha indeed, I found some patterns. Now on my next trip up to Waly-World I'll see if I can't get mumy to buy me some vinyl w00t! I'll keep this post open for when I get started *though my sewing may suck so I don't expect it to come out too good *
  4. I knew I forgot to check some where "DOH!" Thanks I'll go ask heck if they can give me a few tips I'll make one and then make a second one with a tutorial if I'm able lol thanks
  5. Ok guys since I'm totally out of money and have some materials that are hiding in my closet. I was wondering if there are any kind of tutorials on how to make a Shoulder Pauldron? I can't get a job do to a undiagnosed medical condition *which is also keeping me out of shcool at the moment grrrr* So I have been sitting at home wasting away my days doing nothing other than school work. I'm going stir crazy, my armor is sitting in a box and I want to make some accesories for it. I can't do the PVC blaster at the moment, that will probably have to wait till summer time. So ya, can any one help me on this? I really want a shoulder palron to go along with my armor, but no monies instead I have some vinyl scraps in my closet from a past project lol Jen "small fry"
  6. Thanks for all the welcomes guys Can't wait to go on my first offical 501st Troop, which probably won't be till summer time but hey I can wait a bit longer I felt a little over costumed with my brother and his $20 Vader costume lol So in the end I gave him all my candy I had gotten from peeps. Thanks again guys, I make it a goal to want to troop with all of you some time
  7. Hey thanks man hope to troop with you some day
  8. Guys and ladies, I finally got my TK ID w00t I'm now: TK 2293 Mwahahahaha you all have a n00b to push around in the field. Any who I have a couple of pics of my little brother and I at the end of our trickertreating conquest. The funny thing is my little brother decided to be Darth Vader and he is only 9 so you can imagine....or well no here you can see. http://img505.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p...oween001xy9.jpg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I just realized my left shoulder bell was coming off, oh well I was done for the night any way lol http://img505.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p...oween007nq2.jpg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEAR OUR MESSY HAIR! FEAR IT!!!!!! http://img516.imageshack.us/my.php?image=memyselfandier9.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course a stormtrooper can play guitar heres proof! So yes there are my crappy pictures lol I wish I would have gotten some more when we made a pit stop by McDonalds *my old work that I worked at all summer saving up for my armor* my old boss was like "HOLY CRAP!" lol it was down right awesome Jen
  9. lol I don't know, its because I guess its a girl exploring a mans world of new clothing I guess lol O_o I was thinking of just cutting the cod and butt piece seperate when I started off but I wanted to see if I could function first. I know I'll make a card board copy of the abdomen and the chest piece and see where to cut....maybe not lol
  10. w00t yes, I finally got it all done lol. I found out if I put the straps on the chest piece down past the velcro a bit, that it helps make it a bit hight but then I can't turn my head at all because I have a short neck T-T me and my shortness lol I think I'm going to try and put a little bit of foam down in there see if I can't push it out further....geez I hate being a girl some times lol
  11. Lol your welcome I find it rather lame but I guess thats cause I made it. Hope your night gets better
  12. Thanks guys for the wonderful advise, I'll start working on it again this weekend when I have more time to concentrate on what I'm doing. As for the Cod piece I think I'll trim it down till it gets to the line of where the "rise" is O_o don't know how to describe it. Reply to No'l: Haha if I feel comfortable/brave enough I'll get my bro to buy me a cup, for I feel I would wimp out the second I pick one up at Wal-Mart lol I'll try maybe padding that area with foam for now and see if that helps lol Smitty: I guess your right I'll try triming a bit more though before I'm completely satisfied that I can not do any more with it. And as for the car rides, haha ya its not to bad when you finally get situated, though trying to sit in chairs randomly that are lower past my butt are difficult to sit in with out my thigh, cod, and calf pieces pinching the day lights out of me and my chest plate riding up into my face lol. And thanks for the compliment on my armor build, that MRCE bucket would look kinda odd with those see through green lenses I had in there before I got the ones from you, thanks again btw Catbread: I'm a little confussed by your question, but I will try and answer it best I can. I have not cut any of the cod or butt piece they are all one piece, as for sitting I notice no deformaties other than my chest plate riding up into my helmet to where my face is in my chest piece. If I'm not explaining this right for a response for you question I'm sorry
  13. Ok so I got my armor put together *finaly* and I'll have pics up soon. But, I went to a party, and trickertreating with my folks and little brother in it. And omg you should have seen me trying to get into the car with it on *my mother said she looked like she bought a new trash can* Any ways, I have major pinching in the Cod piece, its digging into the inner part of my thighs at the top, now since I'm a girl my legs are shaped differently than a guys, the other area of pinching is the forearms, I cut them at the end where my wrist are, only an inch though, and I have tried sanding down where curve is, but I have bruises from where the bicep and the forearm meet. Other than that I'm pretty much good, a few mishaps with my calves pointing inward *and those dont fit all the way I had to make some kind of exstension, its not too noticable*. I was wondering if you guys could give me any tips? Should I sand the cod piece down, and should I cut some of the curve out on the forearm *and yes I do have foam in there too btw* Thanks guys and if you want you can check out my lame video of my range of movement in my armor to see if that helps you guys see: Peace! Jen
  14. Thanks guys I'll continue to look into thise. Hopefuly I can get my armor put together and get the boots in time for Halloween *which will be my first trooping* I'll let you all know if I find any thing. Thanks again! Jen
  15. Ok so I had to quit my summer job, its my senior year and only have a limited amout of money now that I have bought my armor. I'm been searching wally world and payless for like ankle boots, problem is they are man made materials meaning, vinyl, yay fun right!? shouldn't be to hard to color those, problem is paint won't stay to them, there are no vinyl dyes unless you buy something for car interior so what now? Would the spray paint that is made for plastic work? I'm not sure any more, but I'm not able to buy CAboots sadly that will have to wait till I get a job again. Any suggestions would be great T-T thanks guys! Jen
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