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  1. Wow thanks guys!! I'm above the moon on the confirmation!!!!!<br><br> Thanks to all, appreciate the support here! Big thanks to our local GML Highway for all his help !!! <br><br> Ok, time to come back to earth and get ready for centurion - more to come!!!
  2. Wow thanks on the hand guard details, like they say learn something new every day - I figured I had to do new ones for centurion, sounds like I better get on it - once approved for EIB that is
  3. S-trim is what came with the kit from Anovos.<br><br> You are correct, it is larger than the trim I used for my AP kit from TrooperBay.
  4. There's a light rip, I'm a bit hard on things - but I think I'm going with the rebel story from now on. Tried to repair but thinking its time to get some new ones -
  5. Michael Betsko TK-32478 DesertMonkey Dune Sea Garrison, Mandatory Information Armor = Anovos Helmet= Anovos Blaster= BlasTech E-11, Scratch built Optional Height = 5'7 Weight = 155 pounds Boots = TKboots Canvas belt = Rob Kittell Hand Plates = Sonneshion Electronics= iComm with Akers Neck Seal = Darmen Holster = Anovos Front Back Left Left side arm up Right Right side arm up Ab buttons Action pose Cod split rivet Butt snaps Torso inner bracket straps Helmet front right side Left side Helmet back Vocoder and aerators Lense color Canvas belt Thermal Det Sniper knee Ammo thigh belt E-11 Shoulder bell and bicep clip Latex handplates and rubber gloves Hand painted helmet decals Thank you for your consideration and i look forward to any changes that might need to be done.
  6. Requesting for access - TK 32478 / DesertMonkey - http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18014
  7. My friend and I went in together to build - I finished mine, she has taken some time off, but just got back on the horse -
  8. I'm in AZ - we have a good garrison here - lots of folks to help out and was a good build -
  9. Yeah, I honestly used a LOT of builds here to help, and our armor master for the DSG was an old pro at AP. It's great armor, and it does have some "ah ha" moments
  10. I happen to have completed it end of last year and almost done on the second set - so yes, and I so need to get the pics uploaded!!! Give me a few days and I'll complete what I started here - guess I needed a little kick
  11. You sure will. I'll be the short TK with the shiny white armor
  12. Hello hello Mike, welcome! We have a great Garrison here, the Dune Sea Garrison - if you haven't already, head on over to the forums and introduce yourself - we have a lot of builds for new guys ongoing, lots of help and ways to learn! ***edit - sorry, just read the part where you said you already went out to our forums - reading comprehension fail -
  13. Just ran across this build and wanted to say thanks for posting! I'm doing a simple conversion as well (I'd love to do some of those new barrel and multi-color ones, but that's for next time!) - your build has helped me get going !
  14. I'm taking alllll this advice to heart - just got my AP kit and even after researching for months I let my excitement get the better of me and dove into trimming - taking a step back to make sure things are done following the years of advice out there!
  15. Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to this thread still being active and pinned - just got my AP kit and looking forward to walking through the steps along side this thread's awesome advice - Thanks a million - very well done !
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