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  1. Thanks Simon, Sorry it was late at night when I asked the dimensions question...should have looked more closely at your pdf!!! (bit bleary)
  2. those pdf templates and number graphics work like a charm ,all fit together perfectly,,,,but it's my printer that letting me down,can't seem to get the size right,can only print by percentage ,not having an actual counter in front of me leaves me with alot of guess work....couldn't get somebody to actually measure the length and width of the print-out in millimeters could I?
  3. Righty-o....couldn't find a free download of Univers LT Std 59 Ultra Condensed.....so I found a similar font called Oswald Bold Ultra..This is a really rough 5 min job just to give you'all an idea....Thanks Guys for getting me this far...so when I FINALLY get an E-11 (ok I'm waiting for Doopy's or DVH to start making pipe kits again.....I'll make a good one...any ideas on the size? in mm? as I have a trooper already wanting his own TK numbers...geez...I might just print it on a Decal sheet and transfer it to plastic card (yes I also build Spitfires)
  4. The closest I can find for now is 'Gautami' font but that has to be modded a little....
  5. I'd like to do the customization of putting my TK number in the Hengstler counter,I have a base and using the Gimp program have tried many fonts.but none look correct...any ideas on the correct one or a good looking font?
  6. Hey There,I'm looking for a font for the Hengstler counter, as you guys have done i want to customise the numbers using Gimp.....so any ideas on a Font?
  7. Ok I know nothing about electronics....BUT I'm finally starting a scratch-build on a T-21, a fellow trooper said 'go with what you know' .but maybe include a Trigger with wires in the build so,down the track if I sell it somebody with a knowledge in electronics could fit some sort of sound module in it .that would be handy if the trigger was already fitted....SO.what sort/brand of trigger would be suitable?
  8. Ok .yep saw this post earlier,but doesn't mention the little hex bolt on the front ,undid spring .removed the clip , .and tried to tap the bolt out might try a small hex key before I go all "Panzerfaust" on this Sherman !
  9. Gidday. what is the procedure of removing the base from the scope? there is a post of removing the pin.(done) and pulling or tapping the center bolt out (not done) as there looks like a tiny hex bolt on the front.from moving it...just wary from bashing the thing with a hammer that's all ...does this little bolt have to be removed? Thanks
  10. Thanks TrainWreck, Might have a go at this with my engraving tool.and Cool site ,did you buy it? wow also what is that little brass cylinder that is embedded in the stock called? and what is it?( a pic would be nice aswell )
  11. OK,weighing up my options....I'm going to scratch-build as obtained templates of a Lewis ....But anybody got a picture of the detailing of the gun-sight? Im after the numbers engraved on the front ( I think it would be cool to be super detailed ) small detail but would help heaps...
  12. OK ,by the lack of response.I take it as I should attempt a build....weighing up the options of buying tools or kit.my be the cheaper option and doing the pipe work myself
  13. ,I was wondering if there was a decent Kit for a T-21 around? maybe just the body ( as would be easier to import to Australia without the pipe/barrel) .I've see there is one from 'Fox flier' any good? and is there others?
  14. Hey y'all from Aussie,just wondering is there a template/blueprints for a ROTJ blaster? have seen others build them,so I'd like to try as well or is there a resin kit? many questions sorry
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