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  1. sorry to disagree but actually it's a grey wash. it's like orange skin texture. all rebels textures are like that.
  2. guys, where is the good place to open a new topic about SW Rebels armors? I don't want open it in the wrong place since there is not a section for animated armors yet.
  3. Thanks, guys for the wellcome. I'm happy to be here. Maybe
  4. Thanks, Marcus! I can't wait to show you what i have in hands.
  5. Hello everybody! my name is Augusto i'm from Venezuela. some of you maybe know me from the clone trooper detachment forum. I'm a 3D modeler and I love make pepakura models. I started in the pepakura world about two years ago, also I started to make my own props and colaborated with others props and armor makers. I wanna show you my work here and if all goes well I will have some surprise for you soon. MTFBWY!! Augusto.
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