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  1. Interested thread is now open http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/37822-tza-star-wars-rebels-tk-interest-list/ Augusto.
  2. I talked to Jim from TZA last night and he are going open a sell topic here soon. but there are 4 slots left.
  3. sorry to disagree but actually it's a grey wash. it's like orange skin texture. all rebels textures are like that.
  4. Kat Visha is building the first kit. here are some preview pics.
  5. Hello Guys! interest list is now open. TZA will be producing the first 10 kits for $650 plus shipping and after that they will be $700 plus shipping, this is for only the full armour not accessories. join to the Facebook group if you want one of the first 10 kits. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1517656151799832/ Augusto.
  6. Jim from TZA had some problems with his vacuum table and the helmet mold, he is making a new mold this week and his vacuum table will be ready in few days. the kit will be available very soon.
  7. I don't know what happened with the links but I will try to put some images of the 3D model finished I made and were used it to make the molds for this kit. Helmet The TK armor
  8. well, there was change of plan. after some consideration the best way to offer this blaster is through a resin kit to maintain the prices low. we are going to finish the printing and make the molds for resin casting. here is a update of the printing
  9. Thanks everyone. I tried to make it the most accurate as possible. the nozzle have 2.9cm of diameter.
  10. Thanks! I used the same length of the sterling submachine gun to scaled the animated e-11 blaster.
  11. yes, I will make a test print for all the parts. I sliced the parts to fit on a 6x6x6 inch printer.
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