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  1. TK40489 requesting access, please. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18762 Thank you!
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm hoping to order my armour in the next few weeks, and then it's down to business! >
  3. Thanks for all the warm welcomes and tips, guys! I really appreciate it~ And thanks for the link Tim, I think that'll really come in handy! Seems wonderfully thorough. This may seem like a silly question, but if I'm settled on getting an AP, do I just send an e-mail stating my interest to the contact info given in the getting started thread?
  4. Hello there! My name is Melissa, I have only just joined the FISD, and am preparing to embark on my first Stormtrooper build! I've already joined my local garrison, and they directed me to you lovely folks. All the information has been a little overwhelming so far, haha, but I'm very eager to get started! Looking at the different types of kits, and at the suggestion of a few others, I was thinking of going with the AP kit. I've heard it's good quality, and was wondering if anyone around here has any experience with them? And I was also wondering if anyone knew if this build would be suitable for someone of my size. ( 5'5" approx. 110lbs.) I have never built anything like this before, but I feel like I'm in good hands. C: Cheers, and I'm sure it will be a pleasure meeting every one of you! Melissa
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