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  1. TK-84210 requesting 501st status please http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17260 Thanks Michel
  2. Hi everyone, my armor is almost completed and I can't wait anymore for my 501st membership. So when I'm going to be a member of the 501st I want to have my first troop as soon as possible. But how should I prepare myself for the first troop ? And on what should I take attention for ? And the most important thing... on what should I look for that my 2mm TM armor is not going to get any cracks? what are the most sensitive parts, wich brokes often at first? And is it possible that the armor breaks even easiere when there is some space between my body and the armor ? ( A lot of questions, I know ) It would be great if you could tell me your experiences
  3. Thanks everyone! I've already found a lot of informations on whitearmor.net. In the next days I'm going to paint my shoes. I will upload some progress pictures 😉
  4. Hi everyone, after spending a lot of hours and days for looking around on this site, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michel and I'm from Germany. My way to the perfect armor is already a longer way, so I would like to tell you about my experiences, mistakes and my current point. I have always had the wish to get a real stormtrooper armor. So a few months ago I decided to make my wish come true. I had no idea how I should start. I googled " Stormtrooper armor" and I'm thinking many of you already know what I found. ...Jedi-Robe... I thought "wow, these armors are looking really awesome. So I saved my money for one armor and ordered one. After ordering the armor I googled more and more about Stromtrooper armors and found out .. I did the wrong thing. But the really worst thing happened after the arriving of the box. I opened the box and made a test-fitting. I just thought, that this armor is not the worst thng... a big lie . Okay not the biggest lie, but after comparing to other armors I could see a very big difference. But what should i do ? Send it back ? I called Jedi-Robe and they said to me, that it's not possible, because I had already worn the armor. But then everything turned right. I called them again a lot of times and told them, the the armor is still as new as it arrived. So they were very nice and made an excpetion for me. I could send it back and got my money back. I just had to hold the suit and the neckseal, but that was not a real problem. Then I did a lot of research. Every day I was looking at the sales on this site. If you're now asking yourself " why did he not buy a set from Paul or RS and build the armor for his own?", I should say that I'm a student and I don't have so much freetime. If I would build it on my own it would maybe take 2 years after I could finish the armor and I also have two left hands and maybe not the right tools and instruments for a build. But that's not important anymore. As I was saying, I looked every day at the for sales and after a lot of days, I found joeys 2mm ABS TM ANH Stunt armor and it looked amazing(btw. thank you again Joey). I asked him about his dimensions and it seemed that he has the same dimensions like me. The last thing was the purchase. I bought it, I got it and everything went fine. I opened the box, wich arrived some days after sending the money, and I was really flashed. It was an amazing feeling to see my first own armor. And here are some pictures of the first fitting (I don't have a helmet or shoes so far) and a comparison to jedi-robe.
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