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  1. I agree. I normally don't buy dated items but I figure most of the items in my wardrobe never last more than 6 months so I made an exception in this case.
  2. They had these today $10 the lady said they just got them in.
  3. They are like $24.99 and were sold at Darths Mall. They had mens, womens, and child's sizes. I was happy to have picked one up for myself over the weekend.
  4. Good pictures! I got some from This sunday, not the best but in case anyone is looking for something specific.
  5. I am already on my way back to Missouri but am flying back down in 2 weeks for another weekend. If you want one they retail at $25 as long as you pay for the shirt and shipping I don't mind picking you one up. Just send me a message close to when I head down if you want one and I can pick it up for you.
  6. We seen a bunch of people in costumes and uniform on the side of the road and if it was anyone here thank you! You got me out of a slump and that excitement seeing everyone just the burst of energy I needed.
  7. Just got home after the most fun weekend ever. We were non stop all weekend. My friend ran just the half and I ran the rebel challenge. We made sure our costumes were running friendly and really seen some cool ideas. I would love to share some of the highlights if I can figure out how from my phone. (Laptop is packed up still) I got my dream purse! A Star Wars Dooney, I imagine you males don't care but I'm still happy about that!
  8. I almost forgot. It's super short notice but Acclaim travel has 3 spots left for the half but they have to have registration turned in early today so it may be too late. It's $305 I believe and comes with the half registration and a one day ticket. I usually go through them when I run in California because I don't have a pass for Disneyland and it's nice to have all that in one package.
  9. That's a long time to be standing there. Not sure I could do it.
  10. I seen a post somewhere where they were looking for cosplayers and anyone with Armor and such to volunteer for the event. Maybe you can do that? I am still working on my costumes but I am doing a Death Star, and C3PO it's hard coming up with something that you can run in but I think I got it. Only I hope running a half marathon in gold pleat her pants isn't as bad as it sounds. I'm a bit sad about the other one though. I ordered what I thought was a ball costume I am painting and it's only the front of the costume. The back is just to hold the front up.
  11. I am super excited for this. I've changed my costume at least 4 times but I think I came up with the perfect one.
  12. Look up Acclaim travel. Last I heard they had a few bibs left. I used them for the Disneyland half and had no issues.
  13. You know your tired when you respond to your own post with out even realizing.
  14. You may be right on that. I've seen pictures with it both ways and just assumed it was a personal preference. I may mess around with it tomorrow. It's not attached yet so it can be moved.
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