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  1. In the build I'm working on, I've just snapped the shoulder gasket to the biceps, which in turn are snapped to the elbows, which are snapped to the forearms. The legs are similar- the overall effect is that it's like putting on a pair of oddly-shaped trousers and sleeves, which really eases the ability to put the armor on. If you use snaps or another sturdy attachment method, it's actually easier (in my opinion) to put on by yourself than the classic TK.
  2. The Flyye vest can also be found on Ebay here... Pity it doesn't ship to the States. And here, but the more I look at it it seems like there are some differences, esp. with how the straps connect to the front panel, and the width of the front panel.
  3. I could give it a crack; in my day job I'm a graphic designer.
  4. I have a quick question for those more up to speed here. We've seen that there are a considerable number of equipment options that the FO TK's have- from various sources I've seen troopers with a large blaster, E-11 (E-12?), E-11 with stock, pistol, white, black, and red pauldrons, and tactical vests. Will these be considered optional accessories for the CRL, or will some of them be spun off into another CRL, like with the current HWT?
  5. I went with a reasonably-priced wet suit off Amazon. The zipper in the front is concealed by the armor and the neck seal, and there are no decals, stripes, etc. I believe it was only $40 or so, which may be cheaper than many purpose-built TK undersuits.
  6. I didn't mean the gaskets on fitting to size; for instance, screen-used suits of armor didn't have shims, but some of our larger troopers might need them to fit even though they're technically inaccurate. The same goes for different styles of padding- Many might rather use a custom solution for comfort as opposed to what was used on the screen suit.
  7. Very nice. Slowly but surely, it looks like the pool of vendors is coming together for TFA stuff!
  8. I'm going to have to disagree that the Tier 1 requirements should be 100% accurate right of the bat. From my view, 100% screen-accuracy should be the goal of Tier 2 and 3, while there should be more flexibility at the baseline level to allow for things like cloth gaskets, different strapping systems, etc. for troopers who may want to add some minor inaccuracies while still being approved. This allows them some more wiggle room to adapt their suit to their own body shape and size, as well as being more comfortable to troop in for longer periods of time, while still remaining approved. I know that if my classic TK was held to 100% screen-accurate standards, I'd be booted from the Legion- there's no gaffer tape anywhere, the strapping is totally different for comfort, I invested in Nomex gloves instead of rubber, etc., as I go A) for a more "in-universe" authenticity (i.e. what would stormtroopers really wear into battle) and for something I can move in comfortably with the often brutal Iowa weather conditions playing a factor.
  9. He could be the equivalent of a modern fireteam gunner- the real-world IAR isn't as obscenely large as a Lewis gun, so perhaps 40 years on the Empire has similarly slimmed down their heavy weapons?
  10. Any pointers to where this's at? I'd love to see more. Yes.
  11. Any word on the actual price? And is this kit form, or fully assembled? I know the initial lottery batch of 75 were supposedly a kit with a completed helmet.
  12. There is also the fact that the point man for the 501st/ANOVOS arrangement has indicated on the 501st forums that the armor will be offered to those on the wait list (as opposed to those who already got the chance) before the general public.
  13. I'll be spending a bit too much of my summer pay on a TK, ideally one of the HWT ones!
  14. Hopefully we'll get some more reference material at Celebration! I'll be interested to see how the field of TFA armor develops as more information is unveiled.
  15. Beautiful! I won't be pulling the trigger on anything unless I know it's accurate, but depending on the cost I may be very interested!
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