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  1. Very nice thread! I'm from Sweden to and in the process of buying a build set, most likely from RS. Still keeping my mind open for other alternatives, but buying from UK is preferred. You like the PVC as material? By you pictures it looks like decent hard work - mostly on the detail work. May I ask you how long time it took? Kinda interested in the 200£ option to get it assembled.. An estimated of total work hours from scratch to final result would be of great appreciation for making my future decision. Thanks in advance. Regards from Umeå.
  2. First of all I'm new to this forum/comunity, and therefore this is my first post. I'm about to buy a nice stormtrooper build set, and I was looking into getting it from RS - especially since I live in Europe. I - as many others - first ran into jedi-robe and first thought I would buy it right away from there since it seemed good. But trough the years I've learned to do some goold od research before throwing out money, and I have read the guides (pinned topics) here on whitearmor and it was there I first read about RS Prop Masters. Money is not the issue. However, since I'm just a neewb
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