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  1. This is looking good, glad this is being worked on!  

    • Chrome spray paint should not be allowed. It is too dull and does not have the correct mirror-reflective properties of silvering and metalizing systems. If there is a away to ensure the chrome/silver appearance has “reflective” properties and not just “shiny” that would be great.

    Although... I would have to disagree with the "no chrome paint" stance.  For purposes of a CRL, limiting the types of materials that can be used has been a poor decision in the past (and is always fun arguing what is classified as that material). It's also a bit silly, considering others may be able to achieve the proper look with a different material.  


    This photo is of my bucket with no flash, and quite a bit of club lighting that was going on. It was taken after hours of people touching it, trying it on, holding it for photos, etc.


    You can see me in the reflection at the top left side of the bucket.  I'm wearing white headphones around my neck and a black t-shirt. This chrome spray paint picked up my reflection, along with the red LED lights (see the individual pinpoints?) that were on the floor behind me.  




    My bucket was painted with a can of Duplicolor Chrome and polished using a microfiber cloth.  The "weathering" that's on this bucket from fingerprints, sweat, dings from knocking into things... I think it's very similar to Phasma's. You can see the fingerprint streak lines just underneath the (really poorly) painted traps.  


    To get that shine back and the smudges removed (even if they're desirable for the application on Phasma?) you simply use a microfiber cloth and polish.  Just like Vader.  Speaking of which, the nerd in my can't help but point out...




    "We do not allow for dull or flat black vader helmets or armor."


    Agreed, not dull or flat, but in Episode IV, Vader is definitely not like the CRL photo we have posted. ANH is not shiny (by your description). To be screen accurate, it should be more along the lines of satin and a little "used" looking.  There's actually a GREAT deal of weathering on the chest armor, and it actually *should* be dulled. You just don't see a whole lot of it since the robe covers a good deal of it.

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  2. I've seen your kit three times now... it looks good on you. The little flaws are going to happen regardless, as now I've seen the other girls in Georgia with the exact same issue spots (the corner in the chest, and the shoulder straps) so a little ABS paste or CA glue is not anything anyone is concerned with.


    The only thing I've noticed on yours is the knees sometimes get inside the shin.  This occasionally happens to Shannon, too, but it's mostly when she's walked up or down stairs.


    Jen - I can't see your photos for some reason.  I saw them last week and it looked like you were making good progress, though!  Keep going!

  3. Gaps in the ears should be fine. When in doubt, check with your GML. It does end up looking a little different when you paint everything else up.  Maybe the eye is drawn away from it, but you notice those kinds of things less.


    Personally, I'd try to get those closed up a little more (but knowing you don't have another set of ears, go slow).  It looks like if you shave the flat part down a bit, that should close it up some.

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  4. Haha, well, this is FISD...


    Shannon really enjoys wearing the bucket.  The big nerd takes the bucket on vacations... she loves that damn thing. I have to change the damn fan batteries enough!  She would prefer it stay on most of the time, for the same reason I like to wear mine - so we don't "ruin the magic". 


    But she is asked/encouraged (along with the three other Legacy ladies in our Garrison) to forego the helmets in order to reach out to more ladies and young girls.  As I'm sure you're all aware, the reception when these ladies are out is amazing, and little girls go nuts when they see the girls in armor.  "Ruining the magic" becomes better magic when any of them take off their helmet and the kids see it's really a girl in that bucket.  Alternatively, if I took off my bucket the kids would probably run and scream in terror.


    Locally, both our GCO and GML are in agreement that the Legacy Armor is positively based on the comics, and the Joker Squad rarely wears their dang helmets, anyway.  In all reality, it's not that much different than how the Rebels conduct themselves in XPs and Jedi.

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  5. Looking great!  Fantastic build thread, btw :)


    I think the mic tips look good.  Did you back them inside the helmet?  The ABS is really, really thin where the mic tips are screwed in.  Once in a while an overeager child may grab at your bucket, and the mic tip post could rip through the thin ABS right there.


    Simply glue a small circle of ABS scrap inside the helmet and that solves that issue right away!

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  6. Woah, didn't know this armor fit ladybugs.  Looking good!


    The knees really aren't that difficult, you just need some confidence with the placement. Remember the cap will cover the slot, so place it about an inch up from the bottom of the thigh.  The long edge of the cap faces forward.  Looking at the photo below, the bottom left corner is aligned with the seam.  Angle the cap so the top left corner is also aligned with the seam.


    Pencil around the cap so you don't cut the slot too large. Then it's a simple Dremel with a cutoff wheel. From Kev's photos:



  7. Yes, it's the front inside of the shins.  You glue the two halves to that.


    Start with the torso.  It should be pretty evident where to trim the ab plate on the top and bottom - leave the sides untrimmed for now (fitting comes later).  That should get you started - I'll look through your messages tomorrow and try to give you some advice.


    If you need some reassurance, we can join in a Google Hangouts, Skype, or Facetime chat :)

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