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  1. All individual parts, larger resolution than the CRL photos:




    There's also a few internal views, as well.  Any other photos you want to see, let me know.  


    I'll shoot an assembly video this weekend.  Unfortunately, I'm a stormtrooper, so all you'll probably see are Shannon's feet, or maybe the wall beside her.

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  2. Copied text.  Photos and layout did not import over.






    Female Stormtrooper, Star Wars: Legacy, Joker Squad - Jes Gistang

    Model TK-30305 Shannon Shively


    Description: Stormtrooper, Joker Squad – Jes Gistang

    Prefix: TK

    Detachment: First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment 
    Context: Star Wars: Legacy (Comic Series)


    “Jes Gistang is in charge of the big gun…†– Sergeant Ran Harkas


    Jes Gistang was a Corellian female that served as a stormtrooper in the 407th Stormtrooper Division on the Joker Squad.



    The 501st approval requirements are listed in black.

    Special Notes:

    • Blasters are not required for legion membership per our weapons policy.
    • The armor parts shall be made from one of these types of materials or like materials: White fiberglass, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


    For 501st approval:

    ·       Traps (trapezoids on dome of helmet) are gray.

    ·       Tears (area beneath the corners of eye lenses) remain white.

    • Lenses may be green or smoke, sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes.
    • The “ear†bars may have three or four bumps and are grey or painted grey, with a black outline.
    • Frown is painted black and does not leave the teeth area. Eight total teeth on the frown are cut out and the frown is tapered at the ends.
    • Tube stripes are black with (11) or (13) per side, but can be between (9) and (16) per side with the curve bends extending backwards.
    • Vocoder (vertically ribbed chin detail) is painted black.
    • Aerators/Hovi mix tips (cylinders on either side of the vocoder) are black or painted black.
    • Tears, traps, and tube stripes may be hand painted, decals, or decals that replicate hand painted.
    • Mesh may be used behind the frown to obscure the face of the wearer.
    • Black trim must be present on the brow and the neck opening of the helmet.
    • The helmet is accurate in detail and proportion to official references.




    Neck Seal

    For 501st approval:

    ·      Black with horizontal ribs, fitted to the wearer, and extending from the base of the neck to just below the chin line. 



    Under Suit
    For 501st approval:

    ·      Black non-textured material, either one-piece or two-piece construction with no visible zippers or logos/designs. 



    Shoulder Straps

    For 501st approval:

    ·      These shall be securely mounted in front with adhesive and may free float in back.




    Shoulder Bells

    For 501st approval:

    ·      One on each shoulder. The shoulder bells are considered effectively symmetrical; they may be worn interchangeably on the left and right shoulders and should have a black elastic strap that wraps around the inside of the bicep. 





    For 501st approval:

    ·      Biceps are fully closed. 





    For 501st approval:

    ·      Forearms are fully closed. 

    ·      Exterior (long) edge must be overlapped to represent the vambraces.  The cut edge should face the back.




    Hand Plates

    For 501st approval:

    ·      Roughly pentagonal in shape, the hand plates are mounted securely over the back of the glove.





    For 501st approval:

    ·      Black in color, made of either rubber, nomex, leather, or leather-like material, with no visible straps or logos/designs. The fingers are enclosed, non-textured. 





    For 501st approval:

    ·      Chest plate overlaps the abdominal plate. 

    ·      Chest and back shall be connected with a white or black fabric or preferably elastic strap at the shoulders.

    ·      Chest and back are connected at the sides via white or black fabric or Velcro.




    Abdomen Armor

    For 501st approval:

    ·      The abdomen armor has an indented button area with 10 indentations that are vertical and parallel to each other on both sides of the center square detailing.

    ·      Ideally there no gap between the abdomen and kidney armor.

    ·      A single visible seam line is present on both sides.

    ·      Two rivets, approximately 5/16"(8mm) diameter, are present on the left side of the abdomen armor, covered by chest/back armor and the belt boxes.

    ·      Two male snap on the top right corner and bottom right corner of the ab plate is present, covered by chest/back armor and the belt boxes.

    ·      Abdomen armor buttons are integrated and indented directly on the armor. No separate buttons are allowed.





    For 501st approval:

    ·      Back plate must contain geometric pattern similar to comic reference back details.

    ·      Back plate shall overlap the kidney armor.





    Kidney Armor

    For 501st approval:

    ·      A separate kidney plate is present, split from the posterior armor. 

    ·      Thermal Detonator shall be affixed to the kidney plate, 1 inch above the top of the belt.




    Posterior Armor

    For 501st approval:

    ·      A separate butt plate is required, attached to the kidney plate via elastic or other method. 





    For 501st approval:

    ·      Belt shall be made of plastic 

    ·      There shall be eleven (6 front, 5 back) symmetrical plastic boxes attached vertically to the belt.

    ·      There shall be two larger ammo boxes attached to the sides of the belt at the lateral most portion of the thorax.




    Belt Boxes

    For 501st approval:

    ·      Belt boxes shall be made of plastic 

    ·      Belt box is on each side of the belt, covering the seam between the two pieces of the belt.

    ·      Belt boxes may have a hinged lid.  The boxes do not need to be functional.




    Thermal Detonator

    For 501st approval:

    ·      Shall be attached to the kidney armor (not belt) 1 inch above the top of the belt and include white tube with white end caps and flat panel along the center.

    ·      The thermal detonator has two thin strips approximately 1/8†away from the end caps.

    ·      The thermal detonator is all white.

    ·      The thermal detonator is attached without visible attachments.




    Thigh Armor

    For 501st approval:

    ·      Thigh armor shall be closed in the back with strain vertical seams.

    ·      The knees shall be connected with 1 inch white elastic and secured without visible rivets or snaps.  Elastic end should be covered by caps on thigh armor.





    Knee Armor

    For 501st approval:

    ·      Must be hexagonal in shape with built in straps connecting to the thigh with no visible rivets using elastic or canvas strap.





    Lower Leg Armor

    For 501st approval:

    ·      Greaves close in the back across the seam that lines up with the thigh seam via velcro or snaps

    ·      Butt joint is required in the front.  Overlap construction is not allowed.





    For 501st approval:

    ·      Boots are above ankle height and made of white leather or leather-like material.

    ·      The boots are flat soled.

    ·      No buckles or laces.

    ·      There shall be a single raised vertical strip running from toe to tongue, approximately 1/3 the width of the shoe.






  3. Are you trying to get approved, Kaylee?  Because the chunky sole is not approvable.  They need to be the flat version for approval.


    That being said, Shannon far prefers the heeled boots, and it's accurate to the statue Jes Gistang...


    Edit: Just so no one gets confused.  The chunky heel is now approvable to the statue version CRL.

  4. Sorry for the delay - FISD just refuses to send me e-mails to my subscribed threads :P Instagram probably would have been easier to get a hold of me lately, anyway!


    Yes, the rings go all the way around. They're only a couple millimeters thick.


    I put a layer of cheap shoe insole foam and then Superfeet insoles - seemed to do the trick. She wore the high heeled version during the CHOA parade, though, as those are far more comfortable for the long walk.

  5. I am working on my TK right now and my wife is interested in the legacy armor for trooping (she is very interested in the charity aspect). She is funny and thinks she will get beat up (figuratively) because she doesn't have the same affinity for Star Wars. LOL how goofy is that?

    My wife has been on a half dozen troops now. It's not something that ever comes up.


    She's not into anything beyond the OT and her own armor (and its backstory). And to be honest, I don't think she's even watched all the OT in one sitting, she just sees bits and pieces when me or the kids watch.

  6. Personally, I think Jes should be treated like any other 501st face character. She would need red hair/wig if trooping without the helmet, and only one should be present at a troop. Thinking like Daala, Isard, etc.


    My wife loves trooping with the bucket on (especially when we're doing a parade in the rain, haha!) but she also really enjoys interacting with our young female fans bucket-off... just to show little girls that yes, ladies can do this too!

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  7. To be very clear: I did the same thing as you (obviously, since I went with a different gray than is used on a standard TK) but I went with the comics since the backplate and everything else we were asked to change were in reference to the comic panels.


    I'm all for making sure it's close to the source, but don't lose sight that this is a TK. Choosing a single "source" for an ANH TK would be impossible :) Of course, all this discussion is moot once (read: if) the statue-based CRL of Jes is ever approved.

  8. Every edit to Kev's kit that we had to make (to get the first couple approved) was based on feedback consistent with the comic. There's only really one black, so it's just the differences in the greys. I think Michael used Testors 1138 with Stacey's. I used a darker gray with Shannon's - I'll verify the Model Master # when I get home.


    I don't see what you mean by light years. All three are very close to each other with regards to the front and the colors used. The back is where the debate was.


    If you're really going to stick with the statue, then the teeth shouldn't be cut out. But again, the comics are the "source" material for approval, currently.

  9. I feel the concessions like the backplate and TD were a way to appease the people who didn't want to give it legion acceptance.


    My feeling is soon enough we will see the comic style requirements removed in favor of the GG statue based on the other clone bust approval rule.

    Totally agree. Seems like there were some "fine, let's go with this then" type decisions that don't completely make sense. Whatever.


    Based on how long it took to get this approved... I wouldn't hold your breath on the statue CRL. The mods are easy enough to get approved, we can easily switch back if there are any changes.

  10. The Joker Squad helmet does look to have a long face. It's more prominently seen in a 3/4 angle. Kev did a really great job at emulating the look in the drawings.


    Shannon had her first troop as an approved member today. We did a 2nd Halloween Trick-Or-Treat for a little guy who's been in the hospital for the past couple months and missed his favorite holiday. Shannon was a HUGE hit with the little girls. I handled (had our little Jawas with us) and got quite a few questions from the moms and dads about the armor, costumes, and 501st. It was a great event, lots of positive feedback about the female trooper, and I'm so glad it's finally approved for the ladies.


    Thanks once again to Michael, Stacey, and Kevin for all your work on this. I have a happy wife. Well, for now, anyway. ;)








    And one of my Jawas sharing his cotton candy with the boss. Of course he handed him the pink one.



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