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  1. Oliver where in LA are you at? Im with Bast Alpha the garrison that covers LA. I am in NOLA. I did a hasbro to Droopy conversion so I would be more than happy to help you out pending where you are at. We do have members all over the state. Please take a second and set up an account on the garrison webpage: www.la501st.com or http://www.la501st.com/phpbb/index.php -Garland
  2. please get photos of the armor. You may be able to make some ABS paste to fix it pending how and where the damage is. So pictures are a must. Im sure we can figure it out for you some how.
  3. I did a quick look and it looks just like mine. The kids love the hasbro ones as they make noises and light up. I say go for it.
  4. AP would also fit height wise with no problems but you would need to shim the hell out of it to get it to fit around you if you have a beer belly. Im 6' 2" 170-180 IE tall and skinny and it doesnt really fit around me. Im also a little tall for it as well.....I guess I should have done a vader.
  5. For the LOVE OF GOD get a fan kit!!! Don’t skimp on it either! Make or Buy a GOOD ONE! My first troop was at a Cub Scout Space Derby...They were little snot nosed brats. Their parents just let them loose on us and they were trying to steal stuff off our Vader, stabbing us TK with toys, you name it. All around bad. We had to end it early due to their behavior. That being said it was my only "bad troop". Since then I have done troops for cancer fundraisers, children's hospitals, etc. It is the most awesome feeling in the world to see the kids' faces light up when you come in or take pictures with them. When we see the "sick" kids (Cancer and all that very unfun stuff) I get teary eyed every time they brighten up once they see us. If you know me that says a lot as I have a huge problem showing outward emotion. IE I VERY rarely cry, look happy or sad etc. *shrugs* Any who if you have come this far my advice is to just sit back and enjoy the ride so to speak.
  6. All Im going to say is that I have AP. Im 6'2"ish and come in about 180lbs. The height is the only issue (if you want to call it that) but it would have been an issue with any armor as the TK were about 5'10". TKs are shorter thats all there is to it. As I have been told I would have been a better Vader. Who knows. I never had any issues getting approved with it, and I didnt ask for any help putting it togeather. IIRC it took me about a week to put it togeather as I got it trimmed from mark @ AP. Heck being tall prob helped as I didnt have to trim anything else down to fit it.
  7. I am back and forth with this. Sometimes I do crazy stuff and other times I keep my gameface on. However most often I like to goof around. I know I didnt spend all that $$$ not to have fun. I see it 2 ways: 1: While we do this to raise money for charity, whats the point if we cant have fun too? We can always raise money out of costume right? So have fun in costume. 2: Dont take life too seriously, you will never get out alive (from Van Wilder, they are also words to live by. Think about it.)
  8. Edit: I was tired and though MS not MO as the state. Man I need some sleep. Any who Welcome.
  9. Welcome Steve. I sent you a PM with my cell#. I will be up there by you for about a week if you want to see my armor in person.
  10. Hi ZacK! Welcome! Check out the build threads to get started. It all seems like a lot to take in at first, but I promise its not that bad. If I can do it anyone can do it! Go Navy!
  11. I believe that TM makes a longer Armor for the taller guys. You might need to get in contact with him.
  12. Requesting 501st Access TK 12018 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16562 Thanks in Advance!
  13. For got to add my .02 about trimming armor. I was worried about messing up my armor so I paid the extra to get it trimmed. Now that I am about 85% done with my build (all I have to do it the elastic strap fitting, TD and Belt) I found that that the trimming would have been easy and that I shouldnt have paid for it. However because I have paid for it it allowed me to fininsh my armor really fast.
  14. I wouldnt say that is tall but you are skinny. However AP Armor will fit you quite nicely with your height and weight. They also have a trimmed option.
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