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  1. Yes exactly that. The harness was...minimal. The ab piece was totally separate from everything else so I just had it upside down. I freaked out when I started comparing the pic to other TK's too.
  2. Hello All, I am new here on FISD but I've been on the Bikerscout forums for quite a while. I only partially completed the TB but an opportunity came up to buy a set of used TK armour so I took it. Originally, I had hoped that it could be my wife's outfit while I finish my TB. However, it was much bigger on her (in most places) than I'd expected it to be while it actually fit me pretty well in a test-fit. So we changed the plan. The TK will be mine and I'll continue doing freelance artwork and illustrations to save up and buy her a different kit that she wants (leaning towards the Legacy FemTK but she also was interested in Phasma). Anywho, the armour isn't preapproval ready. I need to redo the strapping/harness and the belt needs to be remade (did a completely plastic belt use to be approved?). Plus the joints on the limb pieces probably need a redo as well. Could be much worse I live in Lynchburg, VA and I've connected with the local members. Thankfully there is a TK here that is eager to help get the armour up to snuff so hopefully I'll be able to start posting pics for advice soon.
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