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  1. Hopefully starting this year, just reached out to AM for pricing. I'm 5'10" and 190lbs (mostly in gut), is he the best route?
  2. Thanks! So I have joined the forums over at Midwest Garrison, and I plan on hitting up more events and getting to meet some members. I am on the waiting list for an ATA armor kit (8 months!) and have also been looking at an AP kit. A bit more, but very nice. I'm going to start on a blaster while I'm waiting, I think maybe a doopy doo kit.
  3. Hey everyone! I hail from just outside Chicago and am hoping to complete my 1st build over the next year. Lifelong Star Wars fan, but never attempted any costuming till now. I'm sure ill have lots of questions, but I'm ready to jump right in. Been looking for some kits, the ATA and AM, and just need to reach out and get some prices. Any recommendations on either of those. I'm 5'11 and 185lbs, so I'm not sure which is best. Thanks! Mike
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