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    Star Wars, martial arts, fast cars, shooting pool, road cycling, mountain biking, firearms, movies, shooting videos, and video editing, computers. I also run a Star Wars fan page on Facebook. For those who are interested it is called (South Florida Star Wars Fan Community)

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  1. First up, right off the bat...I am a Shadow Trooper. That being said, I am in need of some help. I am 6'3 and love my armor but do NOT like the gap that I have between my knee and shin armor, on both legs. I am asking here due to there being more armor makers for the TK and you guys have been around a lot longer. I need to see if there are longer thigh and shin armor available. If not, do all all have any good ideas how to lessen the gap? My current armor measures... Left shin top of knee plate to bottom front is 16 inches. Right shin top to bottom is 14 inches. Left thigh top to bottom is 15 inches. Right thigh top to bottom is 16 1/4 inches. I do NOT need larger, as I am a slim guy...just longer. Thanks for any and all your help. Jeff P.S. I will try to send pics but my files are too large.
  2. Hello all. Newly approved Shadow Trooper here. TX-60473 reporting in. Here is the question. Everyone seems to say that an ATA bucket is pretty roomy. My buddy has a Anovos TK bucket and seems to be roomier than mine. Either I have a fat head or he has a bigger bucket. I am not sure if the electronics that I want in my current bucket will fit. As far as armor makers go, whose bucket is the most roomy? Hopefully this question makes sense. Thank for any help. Jeff (Graysheel)
  3. Hey Carlos, Jeff here. I am a newbie as well and starting a TX Shadow Trooper build. The reason I am responding to you is that I live just north of Palm Beach. Give me a shout when you can! Thanks, Jeff
  4. Hey TK19191, (ECHO) My kit is an ATA kit. From what I have seen on my own research we are not supposed to just give out information via the internet. I just had to ask around, asking the right questions and showing that I was serious about getting an armor kit. I was then told how to contact ATA. Jeff P.S. Thanks for welcoming me aboard everyone!
  5. Hey there, my name is Jeff and I live in south Florida, like the topic says. I go by the name Jediberserker on here because I think it is kind of cool and an oxymoron in itself. I just wanted to introduce myself real quick and say that I am a lifelong Star Wars fan! I have been interested in joining the 501st for quite some time and have done quite a bit of research on it. I have attended two Star Wars conventions, Celebration 5 and 6 and have been attending Star Wars Weekends for the last 8 years. Every time I see a Trooper or anyone in costume it makes me want to join that much more. I was 99% certain that I would be doing a TK suit. Then one day I spotted something I had not seen before...an all black Storm Trooper. "What can this be," I asked myself. I did some asking and research on my own and found out that they were called Blackhole Shadow Troopers, or TX units. I was blown away by them and thought they look really intimidating! Fast forward the clocks and calendars to present day. About two weeks ago I received my armor kit. Now the adventure begins with the build. I am not really sure how to do this because I have never attempted it. The great people down here in the Everglades Squad are awesome and have been really supportive and ready to offer their help. We are going to begin once Star Wars Weekends has passed. That brings us up to date on why I want to be in the 501st. A little more about me. I turn the big 40 in about a week. I am the proud dad of a wonderful 9 year old daughter (she is getting into Star Wars but REALLY likes Ashley Eckstein, aka, Ahsoka Tano! I am into many things such as the martial arts, movies, shooting/making videos, video editing, shooting pool, fast cars, guns, and most recently I have gotten into road and mountain biking. I have worked in retail for about 24 years and was also in Law Enforcement for a little while. I also run a Star Wars fan page on Facebook that is followed by approximately 750 people so far. I wont state the name unless someone asks me. That's about it so until later, Jeff . Jediberserker May the Force be with YOU!
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