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  1. Hello All, I've actually been posting a little on here for a few days, but haven't actually introduced myself. I'm Ken from Washington, D.C., and I want to be a Stormtrooper. I will be starting my first build after getting back from vacation next week and hope to work with that armor and adjust it properly for it to be up to 501st standards. I understand that the Old Line Garrison (any of you folks here?) includes DC. My armor purchase was a little bit of an impulse buy, but I have been wanting to do this for many years. I see and hear about all of the charity and fundraising work
  2. Hi Andrew, Nice to speak with you and thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry this has caused so much confusion - I've spoken a whole lot with your garrison mate as you know. After doing all the research the other day, I was excited to think I might have a set of your armor that your wife wished to share with the world, but I guess I just have one of these other sets from the same warehouse. I don't see your name anywhere on the kit or with the packed materials, but I am pretty sure it is all the same quality stuff from the same lot. I hope this should be a good first set of armor for me, a
  3. Like another fellow who just posted here, I recently obtained armor from eBay; my first kit of armor. I know that is a big "NO NO" and I may catch a lot of flak for it. Spare me the lectures, please. For others reading, I in no way endorse eBay as a source for armor. This is a learning process for me. I had perused eBay for armor here and there over the past several years and had some unpleasant message exchanges with the likes of "trekfreek" and "makerofthings!" and knew they were shady or their product was trash. Then I found this set that I bought - not perfect, but in the midst of a
  4. Sometimes you have a few too many drinks, a bad day at work, and end up the (un)lucky winner of this armor. Well... Gotta start somewhere. Let this not be a time to cast stones at my young soul, nor an airing of grievances as to the ramifications of purchasing armor on eBay. How frakked am I? I'll also note here that I did do *some* research before hurling my hard-earned dollars at this. I'm quite the tall guy, with a very large head, and I've been led to believe that FX armor is more suiting for persons of my size. I will also, in all likelihood, wear this armor (when finished, if I
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