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  1. Hey all, FYI I got my full box from Coleman's Military Surplus LLC in the US. (www.colemans.com) Total cost $43.78.
  2. Hi guys! Thx for all the great feedback! FYI it was pretty comical watching that guy put his armor on! Tim
  3. I am currently working on my 1st suit of armor. Purchased an AP suit from a reputable member and I am totally stoked about my "Sandie" build! I saw something on youtube over the weekend that peaked my interest...a guy in Australia painted the inside of his armor pieces in black. It looked cool but I was wondering what the 501st permits on this matter? I will be looking to be part of the 501st upon completion of my build and dont want any silly mistakes. Plz advise. Thx! Tim TD-1066
  4. Im now signed up on the garrison sight. Do armor and gear sales go on there or are there referrals, etc? Looks like alot of great opportunities to glean from seasoned troopers!
  5. Advice taken. Thx boys! BTW I live in a little town just Southwest of Indianapolis.
  6. Hello FISD pro's! I am in need of your vast wisdom. I am looking to buy my very first set of armor for a sandie build. Even with all the ebay warnings out there I couldnt help taking a peek amd found this up for grabs. Give me your thoughts. Www.ebay.com item no. 261202376131 Stormtrooper full body armour armor costume kostum rustung kit. Kaptaingreen (92) 100% pos feedback Thx guys! Tim
  7. Just began my first build of the RT-97C and this will be a HUGE resource help!! Thx so much for the great post! BTW this is also my favorite of the TD heavy blasters! Only wish they had added a full Rifle sling to the thing instead of just the short handle on the canister top. Thx again!
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