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  1. Requesting permission to access the 501st forums. Tk-42469 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23479 Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk
  2. I applied months ago, but due to circumstance and being a broke college student I had backed out from the forum. Having only the helmet kit (unbuilt) and the e-11 I was a sad clone indeed. However! The time had come that I finally invested in the armor kit form ATA works... so here I am trying to re immerse myself into this wonderful community. Only problem is... I have no idea what I'm doing... so where do I start?
  3. Nah, I'd be part of the team to go find them droids.
  4. Im so excited for all the responses! I'll definitely check out ATA, I mean I can go for ANH, being 5'11" and about 170 pounds. Soooo I'm sure that'll be the easiest way to start and get rolling in on this action. And eventually get a second suit and just be awesome in general. As far as SoCal goes I live over in Santa Ana in orange County. Again, thanks for all the feedback!
  5. Though I'm sure i'll eventually check up on Scout Troopers and Mandalorians. But... Given my limited budget... One costume at a time sounds like a good idea haha
  6. Well, for sure Im straight up stormtrooper. The variations are cool but Im pretty set on going for something along the lines of ROTJ. After reading everything, I won't lie my brain is ready to pull an Alderaan. I also checked out the 501st squad list, already I saw a few guys near me over in Socal xD Now... as far as building, I have NO experience building, trimming, painting etc. Just straight noobie. Which has me extremely nervous. I also feel like I would opt for a HIPS model, just because although ABS might make my life easier, I like the idea that HIPS can survive the tough and wear, and down the road might give my trooper a rugged war hero look. Not saying of course that I'm going to trash it. But better I get a few scratches as opposed to something breaking entirely.
  7. Hi ladies and gents! My name is Tom, always been a little star wars fan since I first saw the movies when I was... 10 I think? Maybe I was a little older not, sure. Seeing jedis do crazy stunts. But for some reason the only cool thing I truly remember liking were the stormtroopers. I never knew if they were evil or anything, I just thought they were so cool and misunderstood. Go figure that when I grow up (Only 21) I still find them awesome, and hell there's a whole community for it! At first this all started as me looking for cool armor just for the sake of having it. After learning about the actual 501st, I knew I wanted to be a part of this. I mean... I get to have what I want, in high quality detail AND I have a reason to where it other than just for my own selfish needs? xD SIGN me up haha.
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