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  1. Please excuse the double post, I've been having trouble trying to edit my post. In the text field it is paragraphed but comes out in that large blob. Here is the video of the news report. http://www.9news.com.au/national/2016/01/31/19/58/video-star-wars-designer-hits-back-at-sci-fi-blockbuster
  2. NBN News here in NSW, Australia just aired a piece on Ainsworth, once it going on-line I'll link it here. But in summary, George approached Ainsworth, he sculpted a prototype, George said yes, and he produced 50 of them. Then he couldn't sell any at some market in '85, and after winning the lawsuit, he now sells them all over the world, with apparently his biggest market being Australia. Dunno, but not a single mention of anybody else except himself. And this was coming from the reporter specifically. Might have a chat to NBN about their research, because it was mighty poor. (But please excuse me, journalism seems might poor these days - atleast how much research is concerned.)
  3. ^^ I saw that from the Ireland Garrison's page. Was wondering about that considering I had not heard anything in ages on the status of the CRL or when approval would open for the FO TK. Last I heard was we were missing references for the back of the suit (for starters). But I also don't visit FISD as much as I'd like. That doesn't help. So.., my question is, is approval now open for the FO TK? And did MWG jump the gun just a little bit on announcing that?, wouldn't the CRL holder be the first technically? (How do these things work?)
  4. Some more painting, looking at how to do all the strips atm, then I'll fix up that white blotch in between the eyes. (I cracked it there, nothing to worry about right now). You won't see the black lines in the gray now as I've finished painting them properly since the photos (earlier this week).
  5. Long time, little progress. Helmet is coming along alright. Getting some painting happening, lenses went in quite nicely but I just have to tidy the glue up a little. Painting the chin is going to be a pain for me, but so far so good. the grey for the teeth is very runny paint, so I'll fix that soon. Rest of the armour isn't too bad. Most of the upper body is ready for fitting, arms need doing. haven't started on legs. Also have the E-11 a quick go awhile back, but nothing much other than fitting the correct bolts to the barrel.
  6. I'm not good with build threads... Was working on the helmet and wasn't paying enough attention, resulted in this. Thoughts?, worst case is I'll use this as a trial/dummy helmet and purchase another one to work on. In other news (which I don't have photos for), arms are coming along very nicely, all upper body pieces are ready for fitting and attaching with the rest of the kit. Legs need work.
  7. If I want a black interior helmet, and I think it is needed. I'll just have to get a second helmet then . We'll run that and drop the idea. I'll be fiddling with the helmet this weekend, thanks for the further tips!
  8. Thanks guys, I'll do my best to keep updated. As I am mostly working on this at parties, I won't be making much progress. (Hospitality is not the best career choice. Remember that kiddies!). I may fiddle with the helmet a bit more this weekend. Have just purchased some rare-earth magnets to assist with the gluing stage (somewhere in the future). And am going to get the paint(s), lens material, and a bunch of other things I have not listed yet (like better glue). Just off the first picture, what are your thoughts/opinions on the helmet? (happy to provide additional shots). I am also considering painting the interior black to reduce reflection. As I've worn both white and black interior helmets and the black would be such an improvement for my eyes,
  9. Hi Guys, one thing I am super slack with is build threads. I received my RS kit late last year, and started working on it at an Armour Party I held in February this year, and have done little since. Another party at the end of Aug, so hoping to get more done. And have the confidence to work on it more by myself. So here are some photos I took the other night of the work that has already been done, arms and legs may have taken some really basic trimming, but pretty much have not been touched. While the chest and back plates, I am really happy with. Helmet is still in early stages.
  10. Requesting 501st Access only ID - 22127 --> http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15711
  11. I'm going to do some lerking and spreading rumours about purchasing a TK Kit. :)

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