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  1. I'll be posting the STL files, I need a beta tester, anybody interested please drop me a line. This model was based off a couple of real Sterling grips I've collected. I haven't gone done the 3D printer road yet, I'm working a library of models so when I get one it will be busy. Alan
  2. Been working on a side project, a 3D printable E-11 Grip. Here are the results. Alan
  3. I haven't forgotten this project, life has bee throwing me more curveballs than normal. Lost my father on 9/19 and my uncle on 9/2. I am not exactly in the right frame of mind these days to be able to continue with this project right now. Alan
  4. Hello, decius - Do I need to change the resolution of the 3D models so they will print smoother? Just not up on the 3D printing stuff, classically trained ink and Mylar draftsman, old dog trying to learn new tricks. Sorry for the delay on updates, things are starting to settle down. A friend and mentor of 30 years passed away and put me in charge of his estate. So I have been busy trying to get everything organized, fighting with nearly everyone just to get the bills paid and accounts closed. Learning a lot about estate planning, trusts, probate the whole ball of wax. What I have learned is that ORGANIZTION pre & post is a must and that most of the people you’ll have to deal with are going to be jerks. Alan
  5. Thank you guys. I apologies for the lack of updates. Had a personal crisis that has taken a majority of my time. Not sure when I’ll be able to get back to this as I still have a few months of work to do before life can get back to some kind of normality. But I will finish it, I'll make sure to break it down the final model in to seperate parts. Alan
  6. Hello, I am getting too old to switch over, only when I have too. Here is a little update, I had to see what the parts looked like on a barrel. Alan
  7. They are 1 to 1 inch, convert to metric - scale up by 25.4 to get to mm Alan
  8. ComradeDave - No, not yet, I am still work on it, trying to get the numbers to work out. Alan
  9. Ripper_L - What format would work for you? I still have a long way to go. Since they are in AutoCAD they just need to scaled up X 25.4. AutoCAD make that easy. These drawings are not dimensional accurate to the real deal, I have only held on MG-34 once. They are designed to work with PVC pipe and are based just on photos and the few dimensions I could find. Since I was only considering these being printed in plastic, (sand to fit) I have not added any real world tolerances to the parts. So basically a force fit, so convert them to metal will need to take that in to account. Alan
  10. The rear sight has been roughed out, few tweaks left to go Alan
  11. Sorry I always work in inches haven't made the leap to the metric System. Alan
  12. The links have been updated in the first post. Comcast discontinued their hosting service, lost 15 years of online files so there are a lot of broken links I need to fix. Just sent me a note if you find one. Thanks Alan
  13. Ok figured it out, the first post has been updated with a link to the first batch of parts. As always liked to here what you all think. Post pics of your prints! Alan
  14. Ok I have finished tweaking and I'm getting ready to post these parts, figured I'd do it an batches so I can get feedback on their usability. So I need to know from all you 3D printer folks should the parts be put in to separate STL files or just lumped into one big file? Alan
  15. I am using AutoCAD 2012. In all my research I have never seen it as two pieces, but my thought is that two pieces would be easier to print, especially on the smaller hobby printers. Alan
  16. Here is an update. May not look like much, but there are more than a few hours of tweaking. The bi-pod mount (gray part) is surprisingly complex, at least for my feeble skills. Alan
  17. I promise they will get posted. I am still tweaking them. My CAD and 3D skills are a little rusty and I keep finding things I missed. The question I have is what format would be best STL or DXF? Alan
  18. Ok it has been 10 years since I did the 2D drawing for this blaster, I figure it is about time I converted them to 3D. These drawings have developed a life of their own, I am finding them all over the net. But I can only remember sending the CAD file to 3 people and those files were never posted by me. Just amazing. Here is what I have so far. The plan is to use 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" PVC pipe for the barrel sections, the rest will be solid models that hopefully can be printed out. I confess I do not own a 3D printer so while the models will be water tight solids, they may need some work to get them to print properly. The STL files will be posted along with hole pattern templates for the PVC barrel sections. As always let me know what you think. Alan Here is the link to STL File for the part I have so far. if you have any issues please let me know. If you print these post pics. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5WkhXlFJ3zgOF9vTTQ0RGNhams
  19. Hello, Here are the blueprints for the DC-15 rifle and carbine that I did a while back and just recently dug up again. Hope you find the useful. Clone DC-15S Carbine https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5WkhXlFJ3zgbzRGd05XOFNOVFE Clone DC-15 ROTS Rifle https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5WkhXlFJ3zgeUR1VUN4bDhQdUE Alan 2/3/2015 Fixed the links
  20. That has to be the best scratch build DLT-19 I have ever seen! Excellent work. Glad I found this thread. Alan
  21. Hello, Thank you! I have put in a lot of time in at TDH on the Fett templates and I very happy that they are still being used; I need to update them, hopefully soon. I have been absent from most of the Forums for a while, life has been very busy and hobbies have had to take a backseat. But I need to start doing something again and soon or I am going to go crazy. Hopefully I can start to finish up some of these old projects. Here is a short list of what I have. There are quite a few more, but I had this list already done a while back. Most of my stuff was posted over at the BBC, but that site seems to be gone now. Also for the Halo fans, there are a number of weapon blueprints over at the 405th. Some of these drawings are also posted on the-blueprint site, but not by me thought, I just hope nobody is out there trying to sell this stuff. One note on the weapon drawings is that they are not dimensional accurate, they were done using photo analysis from reference pics and published dimensions from the net and anybody willing to help. With that said if you see something that is screwed up, wrong etc… please let me know and I will make the corrections. I want folks to be able to use these drawings to make props and weapons that look like the real deal. Alan Weapons Han Solo’s Bunker Buster DL-44 flash hider http://home.comcast....Flash_hider.gif Han Solo’s and Luke’s DL-44 flash hider http://home.comcast....Flash_hider.gif Han Solo’s hero version DL-44 flash hider Blaster Scope Drawings (SW ANH) Stormtrooper E-11 - http://home.comcast...._blaster_15.gif Rebel DH-17 – Based on a 1.65†dia PVC receiver tube http://home.comcast....bal_blaster.gif Rebel DH-17 – Based on a 1.5†dia receiver tube http://home.comcast....l_blaster15.gif Stormtrooper MG-15 Blaster Rifle & Drum Magazine – http://home.comcast....ht/MG15-WOF.gif http://home.comcast....umMag-Draft.gif Stormtrooper / Bounty Hunter MG-42 http://home.comcast....ht/MG42_WOF.gif http://home.comcast...._Sight_Assy.gif http://home.comcast....42-FrtSight.gif Clone DC-15 Rifle AOTC http://home.comcast....light/DC-15.gif Clone DC-15s Carbine http://home.comcast....15S_Carbine.zip http://www.wolfchase...rbine-Rev-B.gif MG-34 http://home.comcast..../MG-34BiPod.gif http://home.comcast....t/MG34draft.gif Currently being used in this build http://www.whitearmo...ll-waiting-and/ Lewis BFG http://home.comcast....wisGundraft.gif Biker Scout Blaster - http://home.comcast....coutBlaster.gif http://www.wolfchase...aster Rev A.pdf ST Type III Phaser Rifle (Ō barrel) – How did this get in here? http://home.comcast....rev_A_Sht_2.gif http://home.comcast....rev_A_Sht_1.gif ST Type III Phaser Rifle ([] barrel) http://www.propaholi...C Sq Barrel.gif First Contact EVA Rifle http://www.propaholi...1st Contact.gif Boba Fett Body Armor http://home.comcast....mor_X_Large.zip X-Large Templates are designed for a 6’3†tall individual. http://home.comcast....Armor_Large.zip Large Templates are designed for a 6’ tall individual. http://home.comcast....rmor_medium.zip Medium Templates are designed for a 5’9†tall individual. Knee Armor http://home.comcast....Armor_sht_4.zip http://home.comcast....at_patterns.gif Helmet – The Dome template is listed as an attachment in this thread http://www.thedented...ead.php?t=10497 http://home.comcast....t_Helmet_BP.gif Rangefinder http://home.comcast....Rangefinder.gif Jetpack http://home.comcast....in_Beta_Ver.zip Gauntlets http://home.comcast....ntlet_Draft.gif http://home.comcast....unlet_Draft.gif Shin Tools http://home.comcast....n_Tools.pdfBoba Fett - EE-3 Webley Blaster Boba Fett – EE-3 ESB Blaster Barrel Extension Tube http://home.comcast...._Flash_Tube.gif Boba Fett – EE-3 ESB Blaster Greebies http://www.thedented...ead.php?t=15508 Boba Fett – EE-3 ROTJ Blaster Barrel Extension BF-ESB Flamethrower Pre-Pro Sling Gun http://www.propaholi...ht/SlingGun.gif Pre-Pro Boba Fett Blaster Rifle Blueprints http://www.propaholi...rProBlaster.gif Jango Fett Body Armor http://home.comcast....mor_X_Large.zip X-Large Templates are designed for a 6’3†tall individual print at 200%. http://home.comcast....Armor_Large.zip Large Templates are designed for a 6’ tall individual print at 200%. http://home.comcast....rmor_medium.zip Medium Templates are designed for a 5’9†tall individual print at 200%. http://home.comcast....Armor_Small.zip Small Templates are designed for a 5’6†tall individual print at 200%. Knee Armor – See attachment in Jango Fett Knee armor thread http://www.thedented...read.php?t=9814 Belt Pouched http://home.comcast....uch_Pattern.gif Gauntlets http://home.comcast....RT_Gauntlet.gif Jango Fett Webstar 34 Blaster http://www.wolfchase...ett blaster.gif
  22. Been meaning to sign up for awhile. I am still working on my drawings and templates and will hopefully be posting some updates now that winter is upon us and life has moves indoors. Alan
  23. Anything that you can send me would be great. These drawings were done totally from pictures and a few published dimensions. I have only seen a MG34 in person once, so there is a lot of room for improvement. Alan
  24. Excellent work. This is one of the first build I have seen done from these drawings. Can't wait to see this project progress. I am the author of these drawings. Both sets that have been post are the same drawings. I have no idea how or who posted them on the blueprint site, I wish they had asked first, oh well what's done is done. I also have done drawings for a number of other blasters, E-11, MG-42, MG-15/RT-97C and the Lewis gun as well as a few others. Most are posted over on the RPF, The Dented Helmet, and the Blasters Builders Club. If I can be of any help with the drawings please let me know.
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