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  1. Thanks! So far these forums and the 501st community has been the most helpful and polite! I'm on a lot 4x4 and jeep cherokee forums and they are not as nice lol
  2. Well I think I've decided to use a speeder scout as my gateway drug into the 501st Looks more accessible and affordable for a first project and its more my style...the baddest of the bad I'm over on bikerscout.net talking with them as well. I contacted the dune sea garrison via their non members feedback option as well and joined the forum and I'm going to start posting.
  3. well obviously ha ha can you point out some specific differences in quality? I see the right looks more...."bulky" or sturdy...mainly in the shoulder armor...the belt sits higher and the button panel on the ab plate looks different...
  4. see I read that and it sounds like you can tell just by a quick glance...of course you guys have a trained eye I'm so so tell me please; what am I looking at?
  5. Done and done....this is not the armor I'm looking for. Move along.
  6. I am definitely willing to bleed for the cause! i just need as musch help and input and time from other members as I can! I'm pretty sure I want to do weathered armor but I'm pretty savvy and artistic so making that happen shouldn't be an issue. I'm not sure if I want to do a speeder scout or a stunt stormtrooper...
  7. Thanks! I think that's my route! And if nothing else It's a great decoration to emberrass my wife with! (I barely got to put the rebel alliance pillow on our bed by pure luck that the colors match perfectly!) salutations! I added all the people I saw in AZ (not the AZ garrison specifically though) The nearest brother or sister to me is 3 hours out! but maybe a 3 hour trip for a piece of armor or an event is worth it sometimes. lol lol....locals...read above ; ) I'll definitley get in touch with my state garrison. thanks everyone! I think I'll start on a helmet and take the time to make it 110% fully padded re-inforced and comfortable!
  8. Wow do not post on FISD overnight and expect to sleep in! Lol. Thanks guys. Let me try to look back and get back to each of you!
  9. Thanks. I was thinking a helmet build first so I have something staring at me motivating me. I feel like you can always have a trooper without a blaster but you can't have a trooper without a helmet...theyre just rebel scum. Lol
  10. Good enough for me! I emailed ATA for info on their armor. Since money is always an issue, I'm not going to just buy anything from anyone. I may have to buy piece by piece but I won't just buy junk.
  11. I hear a lot of the ebay kits are re casts and not 501st acceptable...what about this seller sefni.international from UK? It's what pops up under "ANH Stormtrooper" ebay I always assume the negative before the positive so don't worry, I'm not rushing to purchase from this seller or any other on E-bay I don't think this is in any way related to Star Fortress....see I do some research
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