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  1. I recently got my NE armor in the mail and started my build. There armor itself does run a little larger and longer in some areas. Helmet wise and other accessories I got from RS Prop Masters. RS from my experience has great costumer service and great products. I am very happy with all of the items I have received thus far.

    RS has the worst customer service ever!

    I had to wait two months to get the lid and I am still waiting for extra rubber and extra green lenses. It's hard to get a reply using the email..I had to post on their Facebook page to be heard.

    Really unhappy.


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  2. You need to be approved by an Admin. They need to cross check your TK number and list you as an already approved Stormtrooper in their database. Then you can put in for EIB.


    It's the same here...

    I can't start any new topic to request the EIB, what should I do now...looks like someone already checked my TD number.

    Weird I got the badge as 501st member and not as Stormtrooper like you guys...

    can you help me out, please?



  3. Ruggero Taschini


    TD 66369


    Forums name: P3laton3


















    Here are the pictures


    Armour German Movie-FX


    Canvas belt from Tkittel


    Rubber hand guards from Karin


    Fans from TK-4261


    Shoulder Pauldron and dark green lens from Trooperbay


    without backpack



    backpack most parts from DirtyBoy, tube mortar details from TM, original 70's Tupperware disk



    complete BW



    DLT-19 Doopydoo's



    E-11 Doopydoo's


  4. The last contact I had with Casey was on October 14th.

    The days before I also tried to contact him without success, but then I sent him a message about his eBay account and that worked.

    Just search for E-11 blaster on eBay and you will find him offering his E-11 complete kit.


    Casey's a gal :)


    try this email ;)


  5. what do you mean with locks flight approved, they need to be sure that they can unlock your case? :P


    Anyway I found this one but the seller don't delivers goods in UK, the same product in UK costs something like 138£ (216Usd more or less)!!!



    the other one even though I guess to have done a mistake with the size, we'll see...




    that are just 24 gallons....


    anyway there's still the big brother just in case I'll need more space with 50 gallons of capacity avalaible on the same website.

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