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  1. Any effort to futher identify and clarify details on our two Zero-G TKs trooping outside Bay 327 would be very much appreciated!!! TK-26354
  2. Wow, thanks for those "hyperspace-fast" replies and links/info folks! Will keep ya'll posted! TK-26354
  3. I have been mystified since I first saw ANH at the age of 12 by the 2 Troopers standing by as the Falcon is being tractored into Bay 327. Now that my TK is complete and approved I've given thought to modifying it. There would seem to be very little resources to reference aside from a few behind the scenes shots and the Hasbro figure I just picked up on Ebay. Anyone out there know where a fellow Trooper might find pics and or details on the suit? Much Thanks! TK-26354
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