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  1. Thanks everyone for the useful info! As far as blasters are concerned...is it best to find a converted Sterling or are the resin cast decent?
  2. No problem. My mind moves faster than my figures so my text often comes across a little unfinished. Ian, I did want to ask where you ended up getting your armor. Some of the sites I find are out of date. I did find one seller TK1336. He seemed reasonable. Kris
  3. nai-retep, No, I don't think being ripped off is funny. I was laughing at the banter from a couple of posts above yours. Sorry, the wording was vague. I am genuinely thankful for you sharing your experience with such bad sellers. The last thing I want to do is throw money away on worthless crap.
  4. LMAO! 2 Funny! @nai-retep. Thanks for that tid-bit of info. I misunderstood to earlier posts. I have since found a couple of other vendors that seem reasonable and they have been recommended to me by a couple of friends!
  5. So, Jedi-Robe Stormtrooper Armor is a good starting point? Their site looks better than most I've seen but still makes me leery. I know that no matter what I will still need to invest time and more money when i finally buy armor. Just don't want to waste $$ if the quality isn't a good place to start. Any advice is welcome! Thanks.
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