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  1. What about the trousers? It seems like soviet Red Army from WWII russian Officer Dou you know the Model? Do you think Soviet Red Army WWII Russian Officer's, Soldier's pants Galife M43 could work? http://www.sovietmilitarystuff.com/soviet-uniforms/red-army-uniforms/soviet-red-army-wwii-russian-officers-soldiers-pants-galife-m43.html http://www.terapeak.com/worth/russian-uniform-galife-pants-military-soviet-army-rkka-wwii-ussr-world-war-2/301839948222/
  2. hi guys. There is another prop maker in RPF doing rogue One helmet. How about Reelprops? http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=264029
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