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  1. Hi Paul, I believe Gary H, the UKG CO has just ordered a set of leg armour from you on my behalf.
  2. Hi Marcus. Yeah, I've been speaking to our CO about those. It's only the shins that he makes longer. Just need to find out the length of the shins and the costs. The thighs aren't much longer than mine at the sides and back, but they do come up higher at the front, which will fill that gap a lot better.
  3. At least you can trim it to length and make it fit. I've just seen in the thread that tkrestonva kindly posted that RT-MOD can make custom sizes if you email him your measurements. I'll make enquiries, but I'm guessing it'll be expensive.
  4. Cool. Thanks for that. That's actually shorter than I was imagining. My FX thighs are just under 15", measuring the front cover strip top to bottom. Calves are 14" measuring the same way. My own measurements, hipbone to top of knee cap is 20". Knee to ankle is 17". I reckon I'd need thigh armour about 17" minimum, preferably 18", and about 16" for the shins. Interesting...the forearms are half an inch longer on RT-mod though. That's useful to know. Mine aren't bad, but an extra half inch wouldn't hurt.
  5. Any idea what the untrimmed lengths are for the RT-Mod parts? (by untrimmed, I'm talking about the excess removed, but maximum finished length)
  6. I know there's another thread asking about armour for tall troopers. Thing is, I'm on a budget for my sandtrooper and I already have a set of FX armour (except the lid. I've got a VT helmet) which fits me ok, except for the legs. I'm 6'2" and 11.5 stone/161lbs/75kg. While the body armour fits fine, my leg armour is way too big and not long enough resulting in massive gaps at the top and bottom. Is anyone aware of anybody making longer leg pieces for us tall troopers?
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