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  1. I would totally suit up in the Rebels TK. It's all about the kids and reaching a new audience. If you go this route Kevin I'll support you!
  2. Me too brother! It's the big youtube, social media, how can I get on Tosh.0/Jackass phase. Never thought someone would bully me at my age, but definitely vulnerable as a TK. Lesson learned, now to hold the guys accountable. The video can be seen on the 501st legion boards. Just keep sharing it to a minimum for the case to develop.
  3. Fellow TKs, I'm the trooper in the video and it's been an entertaining few days since being informed about the video. The event was at the end of the Course of the Force Relay in downtown San Diego. There were spotters and security at the event. The three guys ran across the street like tons of others when they saw us and were lining up to take a pic. Totally looked legit and there were soft costumers close by. I felt something at my back leg then a hard shove on the chest plate. My chest plate pushed my bucket up out of eye line so I couldn't see. I was able to catch myself thank goodness and when I stood up they were gone. I was very upset for about twenty minutes but figured I couldn't ID them and we still had an event to do. I had others check over my armor and I was relieved that there was no damage. On Sunday, one of my fellow Garrison members sent me a msg about the video. Then I wanted to press charges thanks to the evidence these guys plastered on the net. The entire legion has been very supportive in finding tweets and names of those involved. The video was removed shortly after it went viral but several members were able to save it including my son. I have filed a courtesy report with my local law enforcement because I'm 3 1/2 hours from San Diego. It will be faxed to SDPD and a detective there is waiting for it to move forward. Thank you again for all of your concern and support. Could have been a heck of a lot worse, but the two of them couldn't bring this trooper down!\ Chris (Mouse38)
  4. I was trying to order trading cards and was sent here. Just want to esure I still have access. Here's my ID page: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=13381&costumeID=124 Thank you!
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