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  1. Ben, I would check first to see how large the build plate is. This will be a big deciding factor if it's worth it. The bucket is easy enough to break up but you probably want to do the faceplate in one piece. I'd say it's doable with a fine print setting to get quality but even using ABS filament you'll need to do some finishing. An acetone vapor bath will help smooth a lot of the surfaces. Curious to see how your project goes here John
  2. First was North Texas years ago. Since, I'm stationed at Fort Bliss currently I'm now with West
  3. And so it begins... I'm starting from square 0 on this ANH Stunt build. My plan is to build straight through to Centurion approval. While the new 2.0 backplate has been approved, I'll have to swap out the chest and some point. I just received my Trooperbay canvas belt earlier this week and have placed an order with EvilBoy for TD clips. I've pieced together some of the small stuff, like my TD, so far and begun work on the helmet. Here's the first pics of the bucket face with teeth cut. I've already coated the inside with black plastidip on the main parts.
  4. Joseph, So the shoulder bells need replacing as well on AM 2.0? Gaz, Thank you for the feedback
  5. So forging back into the TK realm I went with the AM 2.0 kit. My goal is to build straight for Centurion. I know the previous version was ineligible however the newer molds were supposed to address these issues. Below are pics of both pieces. Could you provide me with feedback if these will work now? Thanks in advance!
  6. I had a really good experience with them. I bought one of the E-11 Mk.2 mods from them via Ebay. I had the kit in about 2 weeks. Good communication. We traded emails several times but it did take a couple days to get a response once.
  7. Looks like a smash-up TMNT helmet?!? If there was such a thing. And surprise.... no bidders LOL
  8. Hey all! I thought to "weigh in" here. Horrible pun I know. Right now my weight fluctuates between 195-200. Being in the Army, I get a fair amount of exercise but still do some on my own. My hurdle is about to start. I tore some cartilage in my left knee during my last deployment. I go in for surgery to repair a week from Monday. I had the surgery previously on the right side for the same issue. However, I put on nearly 20 lbs because not being able to do cardio for quite awhile. I'm trying a couple of things this time around. As much as I love a good steak, I'm cutting out red meat. I've decide to try a pescatarian (vegetarian but with fish) diet. I've been trying out some of the meat substitutes and not all of them are bad. Some of them down right suck though. Also, I'm sticking to tea, water, and black coffee for drinks. I do have the occasional Coke Zero to take the craving away. It seems to be working. I've lost a couple of pounds this week. However, it could just be water or my normal flux. Best of luck to you all and keep your fingers crossed for me. Height: 72 in. Start weight: 200 lbs. Target weight: 185 lbs.
  9. I would say that actual ID numbering would be higher b/c you would talking about a more limited run. If there is an average of of say 30 troopers per year who make EIB then you might start the numbering for as 1101, 1102.. and so on. In the long run though, it might be more cost effective to do a run of 100 coins 1-100.
  10. Granted I'm new to this forum but not to the Legion. A thought .... being in military some of the coins that we receive are actually numbered to track who the owner/recipient is. This came to mind as the one that I was given last week was a numbered coin. The Gold EIB coin is great form of recognition to those who reach that level. While it might raise the cost of the coins some, accountability would be assured in the future.
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