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  1. Yes, I am on FB. Back when I was told my helmet wasn't usable I did contact several folks listed and never heard back from anyone. Then other things took priority but I'm back
  2. Yes it was many moons ago I was building and finished it then when I applied was told it was no longer being accepted (the helmet). I'll be happy with basic approval so I'll look for an acceptable helmet. Thanks!
  3. By the time I got done with my build long ago the helmet was no longer allowed for new applicants as it is too large. I am wondering though if I can just get a suitable helmet and use my armor or if I have to start over completely from top to bottom? I did not have the extra money to get another helmet at the time so there it has sat but I am now in the position to try again. Thanks in advance for any info provided!
  4. From everything I have seen and read (and being a newbie, I have looked at a lot!) it looks perfectly acceptable for all 3 levels. Technically, Luke and Han's neckseal's had 11 ribs but most that I see have either 7 or 8. Yours looks quite nice and well made.
  5. I was looking for this same answer but my armor is an FX and its edge is flat on both ends. However, in looking at it just now I noticed the raised edge that meets the butt plate is more prominent on one end than the other (it kinda tapers down to the same height as the rest of the kidney plate). Once I noticed that (and only did by following the above advice) did I notice this so it's now obvious to me which way it goes. It's amazing what you can see if you just actually look
  6. After years of wishing I finally purchased a set of armor. It is an "AM" version and wow, I think it'd be easier to build a working Death Star after looking at the instructions it came with which left a lot to the imagination. However, after much searching on the web I was referred here by a person named TK1336 and within minutes found the help I needed. Getting armor has always been one of those things "I'd do someday" and I am glad that day finally arrived! It's cold in the garage where I'll be assembling this so until spring gets here (or at least warmer temps)I won't get much accomplished but will definitely be using the resources here in the meantime to prepare myself and make something I'll be proud to wear.
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