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  1. the under armor is designed to keep body heat in. So you need to be constantly moving to create the extra body heat. I use to wear it for football in chicago, and you're right it doesn't do the trick to "just keep you warm" You have to create body heat in order for it to really serve it's purpose. Under Armor now makes a tougher cold weather gear you can get from Army supply magazine that i've seen
  2. ok so before I tried cutting anything I put on the armor to find out where it was putting too much pressure one my arms. While the armor was on I squeezed it in areas to see if it would help aleviate the pressure (which it did) So I used a clamp to squeeze the armor and then took a heat gun to it so it would heat up in that position and then dunked it in cold water so it would stay that way...it helped on the fore arms but I think with the bi-ceps I will have to make the shim bigger which I didnt wanna do, but I dont wanna cut the armor on the biceps shorter but I'm afraid i might have too on top of making them bigger
  3. oohh visuals...ok I'll give this a shot tonight....should still have some extra elastic some where from the build
  4. that'll happen....its just a good thing she couldn't see my eyes before or after the picture lol
  5. I also think I might need to make the biceps bigger so they go up my arm more
  6. it's not easy, I had to have some one take my arm armor off first
  7. So I can wear my arm armor, but it restricts the movement on my arms especially when i try to bend at the elbow. Kinda cuts off the circulation. Does that mean that need to be shimmed more of trimmed more? I know i'm a bigger guy trying to fit into TE2 armor, as you can see in this picture and dont let power girl distract you....that's as far as my arms go... Does any one else have this problem? Am I right trying to sell this armor to buy bigger armor or can this be fixed easily? Thanks guys Chewy
  8. yes I did, tried to do a paypal claim but I'm passed their 45 days
  9. Has any one ordered a blaster from him recently and not received it yet? I ordered one in March and he said about two weeks, and we are going on 2 months now, and he wont answer pm's but still logs in. Has any one had similar problems?
  10. Sweet! feel much better about the shimming now. Thanks Guys
  11. yea, the gap is pretty bad, I have to look into getting rt-mod armor, the te2 armor has a good 3-4 inch gap that needs to be fixed on my kidney to cod section. But I'll just shim it for the con im using it for first an then either alter it or get new armor.
  12. well hopefully it'll still be EIB acceptable since I figured out I have the shim the heck out of it since its TE armor, and i'm a bit of a big kid. So we will see if it gets approved by 501st or not. But, I will join the Darkside....since some one said you guys have cookies
  13. I'm still in the building process, But i'm doing everything by EIB standards as I build so I hopefully wont have to go back a fix very much. So Dashrazor when I finish it I would very much appreciate that Matt
  14. The only problem is, Is that I've had bad luck with "costuming groups", and granted the 501st is probably far superior to the group I was previously in as far as chairty work and organization, but I was just wondering if you could achieve the status with out being part of the 501st. Not even sure I wanna be part of another costuming group, so I was just asking. Matt
  15. Do you have to be a 501st member to get EIB status? Tried using the search but I wasn't finding anything Sorry if this has been answered
  16. like everyone says the trik toys one is just an amplifer, and you have to blow in it for the static burst at the end. I have one and its loud but no automatic burst after you speak. Its good for starting off I guess. I want a hyperdyne but we will see what happens
  17. I was wonering what is that correct diameter for the AB buttons for the ANH armor. I got some with my kit but they look a little large and are flat instead of rounded. Any help is appreciated Thanks, Matt
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