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  1. The detail level of your blaster is AWESOME. I was able to see the location of the stripe, and now I know where to place it. I will be posting my progress once I start mine. Thanks again and best regards from Argentina...
  2. What a clever idea, I love it I also want to know the position of the stripe looking from the front of the blaster. If it is at the top (12), bottom (6), left (3), right (9) or any other clock position, Thanks again....
  3. Hi all, this is a newbie question, I am planning to build an E-11 blaster with sound and lights. But I wasn't able to find what I should place the neopixel stripe into the barrel. Thank you all in advance, and best regards from Argentina.
  4. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26270 Requesting 501st access, I also need my forum e-mail be changed to match the one in my 501st profile Thank you very much and best regards from Argentina.
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