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  1. It really never gets old does it? You'd think after you knew every line in the movie that the awesomeness would wear out after a while but it really doesn't. The blu-rays made me look at the backgrounds the whole time like oh wow, I can see things I never noticed before!
  2. I agree. I've seen positive comments about the artwork too but I think it's boring and for some reason it's weird having is this light tan/orange/red color.
  3. That's a great set. I'm glad my nephew loves Star Wars because that means I can buy him all the toys I still wish I had for myself. Are there previews of other sets coming out?
  4. That is totally one of my favorite costumes! When I was a kid I remember thinking how hot/badass Michelle Pfeiffer was in that costume. This was pulled off very well too! GREAT!
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