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  1. Well this newbie-newbie is happy that he no longer has to sift through piles of acronyms that mean near to nothing. I spent a few months just trying to figure the places to not go (very clear on that btw) but never really gave a breakdown of where and how to go about doing this stuff. It does warm my heart to not see 'well, newbie, go find it out for yourself' has lessened. When I first hopped on and browsed around, figuring stuff out, I got a lot of go to link X but it had already expired and there were no more repeats of that vital information.
  2. Alright. Found this guy, costume junkie, he claims to sell FX armor and a non-FX helmet. Done research and came up with Six people say he's good, 5 say he's bad, 2 that say 'meh' Help me out please
  3. I am VEERRY new to this stuff and love the little library compiled here because when you get 1/2 a paragraph made up of acronyms only the 'People on the inside' know about it is really intimidating for a guy like me.
  4. Hi People! Hoping to join the 501st once I get some armor (TK preferably ). That's just about it.
  5. Moot


    hey. only 15 but am saving up for either a clone or a storm.
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