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Celebration Anaheim 2020 Death Trooper "Zombie Crawl"

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Do you have old yellowed armor, no time for a peroxide bath? Now is the time to turn that old kit into a "Death Trooper"!!!!

We're in the planning stages of organizing Celebration's first ever "Zombie Crawl"! Just like in the book "Death Trooper", the undead will be walking (More like stumbling) the halls of the Anaheim convention center.

We're also planning a panel discussion on the subject for the con.
"Vader's INFECTED" A panel discussion of the undead in the Star Wars Universe! The book, How to build your own "Death Trooper", Costume standards, the history of the undead in Star Wars and the toys, tv, comic books and video games.

In the coming days I will share link for a FaceBook private group for those interested in participating in the crawl, the panel or both. we're looking for one more panel participant and a number of 501st approved Death troopers for the crawl. If your'e a Legion member and your DT is NOT approved, submit a pic and if its borderline family friendly I'm hoping we can get you in the crawl.

This event is open to ALL detachments. If you have an undead Scout, TIE, Snowie, Sandie or any other armor type, you're invited.

post here if interested in participating or helping out and being a wrangler.
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