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TFU Kashyyyk TK + Phase III build thread

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I'll be picking up a shiny new Anovos OT TK kit soon from a local Wampa Clan merc, and I decided to build it as one of these Force Unleashed troopers. I have a pretty good handle on how TFU and ROTJ troopers are put together, so this one should be a walk in the park. 


Kashyyyk Trooper:



Phase III Stormtrooper:




Both armor sets are identical, so I will have two costumes from one armor kit and two helmets.


A Hasbro Black Series helmet will be used for the KTK. For the $26 I spent on it (due to a non-working speaker which I was gonna tear out anyway), it will serve as a good base and a fun project. I filled in the tube stripes, battery compartment, and speaker holes with ABS slurry. I also started extending the bottom of the neck opening with some plastic "for sale" signs and more thick ABS slurry. It's kind of rough right now, but it'll look flawless and seamless once sanded down.

The vocoder is also pretty tiny on this helmet, so I chopped off the bottom part of it and replaced the void with... you guessed it -- ABS slurry. Going to put down a few more coats of that before I sand it smooth.

The frown is also gone. Filled in with slurry almost to the point where you can't even tell it was there. It's completely different on this helmet so I'm going to carve out a new one.


Just a couple progress shots to show what general direction this helmet is headed in. 






I will need to carve out the sunk-in details on the back of the helmet and work material back in to get that 3D look - there, and on the faceplate where some holes are already carved out.

The black marking under the lens will also have to be sunk in a little bit and painted 1138 grey. Once assembled back together, the seam between the cap and the back will be filled in and the whole helmet will be sprayed a khaki color and masked off for paint chips.



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