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Jimmi TLJ Helmet Paint and Interior

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I'm really close in finishing my armour. I was hoping to know which black paints (glossy, satin, flat/matte) were used to paint the different areas of the helmet (visor, teeth, etc.). From what I see, around the lens (visor) is glossy black, teeth are matte black, and the mesh and the stripes are satin black. The parts that I am not sure are the trapezoids. Are they glossy or satin?


Also, would it be possible to know how the lens is attached to the interior of the helmet?

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Your correct on the Black, I did Traps in Gloss. 


As to the lens, i did this: 

Epoxied the Chicago screws base to the inner of the helmet and allowed to dry.  then i layed the lens over and used a black sharpie marker to jot where to drill the holes. finally used the screw to secure. 

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I know the strip above the eyes is Matte. I did the teeth with a matte finish, but everything else that is black in gloss.


I think I have some pictures of how I did the visor. I used some Tee-nuts that I epoxied to the sides of the helmet (Over the ears) then I drilled holes into the visor and used screws to put them in. 


for added strengthening and protection of the Tee Nuts I used some Apoxie sculpt to just cover them up a bit.







This last image is completed so if you zoom in you can kind of see the matte in the teeth and around the brow.



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