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Shocktrooper strapping and overlap measures question

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Hi guys,


I need some information about Shocktrooper:


  1.  Strapping system: I know the original ROTJ system based on velcro, but is it acceptable to instal an ANH system with snaps without using velcro and being eligible for level 2/3?
  2.  Overlap measures: I'm more accustomed to ANH cover strip measures; for ROTJ/Shocktrooper overlap width is the same as for ANH cover strip? I mean that biceps and forearm overlap is 15mm, thighs and front shins overlap is 20mm while behind is 25 mm
  3.  Idea for attaching the thigh ammo pack without visible rivets? Maybe glueing with E6000?
  4.  PLASTI DIP® is okay for coating?


Thanks in advance :salute:

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