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RECASTER + SCAMMER: Buyer Beware 3D Creative Australia

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I posted it on CT.net so I will repost it here as well. I am posting this as a buyer beware post because of this infamous recaster and scammer, Bentley O'Toole. I almost was a victim of his scamming I believe. He has an Esty page call "Filmpropz" and I contacted him about purchasing a full size B1 Battle Droid. I asked him how he came about getting the casts of the battle droid (because he said they came from original Fox studio castings) and he said he had worked at ILM for Star Wars: Episode 3. So I googled his name out of curiousity and I was in shock at what a reputation this guy has on The Dented Helmet, the RPF and other such places. Watch out for this guy, because he will talk you up. He messaged me on Etsy constantly telling me about his work and such stuff. He also has an Instagram now called 3dcreativeaustralia, and looks like a Facebook link is also in the description. So buyer beware for 3D Creative Australia and Filmpropz on Etsy, it is for a fact Bentley O'Toole. Reason being on why i'm posting this on here is the fact he also has Stormtrooper armor kits as well as Clone Troopers and Snowtroopers on his page and I don't want anybody to get scammed. From the research I've done on this guy, Police have been looking for this guy for a good while.


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