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Rubies Modification.... sigh... What the heck, lets give it a shot!

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Hi folks, new member here!  While I’ve been pining after ANH or ESP armor for as long as I can remember, I’ve actually owned a Rubies TK since 2008, and I pretty much resigned myself to not ever getting  501 approved.  However, having scoured through the above posts, I’ve been inspired to follow suit. It sorta feels like having settled for a Honda over a BMW, but, being as RotJ seems to be all over the place anyway....   I’m not going to bother posting pics of the out of the box and before shots.  We all know what that catastrophe looks like!  Also, this is going be a long, ongoing thing as I can only do this on my spare time, which I don’t have that many of.  If I may, I’m going to start by using Toddo’s format, as it’s serving to be a great checklist!  And again any advice and comments from all the knowledgeable folks at, FISD, would be awesome!


Also, I have been posting (and having fun with) my continuing progress on Instagram, since posting pics on that is so much more convenient.  You can find me under @iamstormtrooper.  I will most likely post to Instagram first, then transfer those pics to my computer and post them here after. So without further ado..


Armor: Rubies

Helmet: Master Replicas

Blaster: Toy (for being around kids)


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150 lbs

Boots: TK Boots (I think)

Neck Seal: N/A

Holster: Self Made

Gloves: Rubies

TD: ??


My modifications already include the following:

·         Replaced helmet with Master Replicas Bucket

·         Reform the chest piece to sit higher up.  Was hanging too low, covering most of the abdomen and showing too much neck line.

·         Trim out, bottom back of the thighs to allow for better movement.  This may be a game ender right here, but I’m 5’7”.  I had to.  Otherwise, I couldn’t walk in it, much less walk down the stairs, haha! 


Still need to:

·         Trim forearms, thighs, and shins.  The shins are giant huge, but I think they will help to hide my bowlegs.  So, still some trimming but minimal at best.

·         Improve the shoulder bridges with new ones so that it you can see it from the front.

·         Repaint the frown, on the bucket, to match ROTJ – Rounded corners.

·         Trim the oversized hand guards to better fit my hands.

·         Cut out the ab button plate and invert it per ROTJ-style.  Paint all of the abdomen buttons with Testor's to match the screen-used pattern.

·         Drill-out the rivets connecting the belt to the abdomen.  Trashed the ABS belt strap and replaced it with webbing.  

·         Add a pair of Kev's inner drop box.  May have to modify Kev's boxes to work inside the smaller Rubies' drop boxes, as per Toddo.

·         Rivet the new belt assembly and drop boxes to the abdomen plate.

·         Replace the arm straps under the shoulder bells with ¼” arm straps and add padding for that ROTJ linebacker look.  

·         Painted the soles of a pair of TK boots white.

·         Get better undersuit.

·         Get thermo detonator tube

·         Get proper blaster. I actually have the E-11 Collector’s and it’s still in the box.  Any suggestions for a cheap one I can carry around?


Need clarification for:

·         Drilling out the rivets connecting the thigh ammo belt as Rubies installs this upside down for some reason.  Reattached with rivets to the correct orientation.


Hoping to get some great feedback.  Thanks again!


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Sounds like you're going about it the right way! Good luck with your project.

Just a few things you didn't mention about the helmet:


- You need to fill in the seam running along the faceplate. Caulk works fine.

- Replace the decals and tube stripes with ESB/ROTJ decals and tube stripes. Maybe you could give CFO or TM a shout and see if they could hook you up with a set. 

- Replace the lenses. Bubble lenses are more common on ROTJ helmets vs. flat lenses.


You said you have TK Boots right? They can't be the ones your pictures - those are more like Elvis/Mariachi style boots people find on eBay. TK Boots are good if you can find them in your size, but a painted set of Bass Amsterdams is a good alternative. Just gotta take the shine off with acetone and lay down some good leather spray paint.

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No need to sigh... Go for it! Go for it with gusto! There will always be naysayers but as the veterans on this board have always said, it's not the suit but how you build it (or modify it in your case) and how you wear it. Even rubies can look great if modified and warn correctly (Toddo's EIB thread proved that) and even TM can look poor if built and warn incorrectly.

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