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Team Armor Build [AM 2.0]: ANH Stunt in Northern California


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Hello Everyone,



I'm helping out another friend on his armor for legion membership.



This is a “Troopers Helping Troopers” team armor build.



Name:  Kris Y. (KY)


Helmet:  AM 2.0 – Done by THXBOY (GGG Member)


Armor:  AM 1.0 & 2.0 and ATA (Chest, Back, and Shoulder Bridges on 03/2016).


Location:  Northern California





Kris and I were introduced by a fellow garrison member during Celebration (Anaheim) and again at one of our garrison armor parties.   


He’s been around our garrison for years and has finally taken the plunge to join the darkside.  



He’s been working on his armor for the past year.  Before our first 1:1 armor session, he was at 20% underway.   He's already aware with the legion CRL requirements and our Advanced Tactics program.    We will be documenting the build here.    





First Armor Party:  07/25/2015


Second Armor Build:  08/30/2015


Third Armor Build:  09/03/2015


Fourth Armor Build:  09/13/2015


Basic Approval Completed on:  09/22/2015


Expert Infantry Completed on:  10/23/2015


Centurion Completed on:  04/14/2016 (with the new ATA back and chest plates and new shoulder bridges).


Tutorial: How to replace your AM 1.0 back plate with ATA replacement parts.


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After trimming the ammo belt, this is how I like to sand it down.  Lay down about 14 inches of plumber's sanding tape on your cutting mat and tape it down with painters tape.

This is much safer for new people if you don't have a belt sander or Dremel.



Go back and forth slowly and smoothly.    Sand until you get a nice clean edge.





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I like to focus on building the center core of the armor first.    This was my main focus on our first session.  


1. Measure and cut off the access.

2. Build the strapping system.

3. Heat and shape to Kris's upper body and torso.


Pictures before we went to work.



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On this day.... I had both builders at the workshop to finish their armors.




Kris getting passionate about his armor as he prepares for another 11 hours of work.




Heating up the shoulder bells to widen them up.



I'm using my wife's stainless steel mixing bowl.    hahahahha!   One of the best tools for the job!


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