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  1. Thanks for the replies. I emailed Erv and he got in touch with me. What a great guy he is. It turned out I was using the wrong type of resistors for a 3w led rgb. All sorted now for the moment! Wow Crafty! That blaster build is awesome. Hopefully I get mine to look half as good as yours. If you don't mind Crafty ; would it be possible to use your expertise along the way of my build. I just know I'm gonna run into a few problems! One that's been racking my brain is how do you mount the luxeon RGB inside the barrel front end and how do you stop the inner barrel with the progression LEDs on from moving about inside the main tube? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys.
  2. Hi there everyone. Really need some help here as im not too experienced in electrics. I have one of Erv's Blastercore V1.2 and im in the process of wiring it all up together for the first time. The problem i have is i do not know how to work out what resistors i need for a 3w led emiiter RGB led star. I have wired it up with 12ohms resistors for the red and the blue and it works. The trouble being is to me the light does not seem very bright! This is the link to the LED i have with its specs. If any one can help me with what i need to do i would be very gratefull. Im running the blastercore board off 7.4 volts and a power extender . -----------
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