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  1. It is not that I dont appreciate the time and effort it takes to do this, its just not knowing what to do. While I have looked at the tutorials and many how to's, I guess I just need a good base line to start at. I keep hearing about these kits and the acronyms for the types of armour. What kit would be best if both accuracy and larger size are important? Also, I am not so comfortable with sanding and the like, so I would need something that is pretty much pre finished so I would not have to sand and paint. Finally, how do I go about getting such a kit? (To note, I tried the probably most difficult method in building armour. I attempted to sculpt wood, then clay, by eye with photos, to later be vacuum formed. I learned that such a task was for immortals only, and could not be done by human hands.) My last question would be regarding www.stormtrooper-costumes.com. I cannot find much info on them and would love to buy a set to both wear and use to help me build a second set (for my brother) but dont want to drop $1500 if it is no good at all. During my research I learned that starfortressproductions is bad and that ebay is the enemy (for stormtrooper armour). Anyways, Thank you guys for your help, you have all inspired me to continue my search for awesome stormtooper gear. For the EMPIRE!!!(and 501st) Nick
  2. Well today, after years of looking for a way to build stormtrooper setup, I have finally given up. I learned that my last hope, www.stormtrooper-costumes.com is no good. I had learned of the evils of starfortressproductions, and ebay, and the massive story behind it all. I had thought I found the perfect site. I donot have the skill, time, or ability to build such a wonderfull kit. So, untill I can find a new hope, I am finished with the idea of trooping. Now, before anyone asks, yes, I tried building a piece of it and learned that even with 5 months or so of practice, cant do it. I understand that there are lots of people who could do it for me, but I cannot allow myself to bother any of them. Thanks. Maybe someday I will find a solution.
  3. Hello All. I am going to be a future member of the 501st!! Long ways away currently though. boo.
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